Session 9

Lies and truths are intertwined, lies come from truths, so it is your duty to understand both concepts of these ideas that you will encounter in your daily lives. The option to use either falls upon your own choices in your lives,
- Xander Du Couteau, to his Sons

My day began with readying my students to begin tests of their aptitude with several classes of Alchemy, but it was interrupted with the bells and a call to the Town Square. The news was indeed disturbing but I had no qualms or worries of actual endangerment of this City. The Guard shall do their duty, as of all things like Alchemy, Formulas will follow its path and course. Things will always goes as plan like my Formulas, and as such the Guards will perform their Duty. If my Family were to defend I will no doubt fear for my Enemy, Alchemist are not ones to be trifled with. The Du Couteau family no less.

I was gathering my supplies and readying for my next course for my students when Enna approached me (After the Town Square meeting) That my Language skills were of need of this rescue mission. For a moment I hesitated, but it would taken place at the mines of which a discovery of a new Temple found. My interests quickly overcame my first answer of “No” to a “yes”. Or maybe it was something else that compelled me to agree with Enna, as I learned that I would need to travel with company that no doubt would be better without me.

The plan of which Adoness made for this ‘Rescue’ mission seemed a bit overzealous but regardless I had no real say in such matters but of course out of my prideful self I made my complaints and thoughts heard. I did not accomplish much and to which such wasteful effort shall not go unpunished, I should not waste such time with trivial comments and matters. But I digress with my journal entry.

There was the funniest comment of the entire day, or rather order, if I endanger the Miners Desmond shall dispose of me. Quite a strange thought process of Adoness, as if I would be the one to do something stupid first. If my observations serve me correct it would be Adoness or Desmond’s rash assumptions and brash actions to lead endangerment to the Miners. I calculate the danger before me and if I see opportune action I shall take it. I laughed internally at the order that I still chuckle as I write this, truly I shall remember this.

The journey took us in front of the Mining Shaft entry, and there stood a single miner and several Kobolds, the leader “Chosen One” spoke broken common and thus my role was unneeded. To say the least Adoness and Desmond took no time to resort to violence to solve the issue of Kobolds and rescuing the miners. Efficient work it was, to say the least of their efforts.

I used my Mutagen to afford distraction due to one of the Miners being injured, not due to my part unsurprisingly, and to my disinterest I could not form any armored scales or tough hide to shield myself of piercing weapons. My Health potion cleared the worst of the wound and the party made their way down the mining shaft to collect the rest of the Miners.

Another encounter of Kobolds stalled our mission only slightly, my language skills were used but only to serve as distraction as Adoness and Desmond dispatched them as quickly as the surface ones. Truthfully I began to notice a pattern. And to be truthful I have yet used any bombs for combative situations since well. . . never. Strange note to remind myself of really. As well as Enna was injured during this attack, she managed herself well enough that my interest in her well being was sated quickly in mere seconds.

We found another group Kobolds and, do I need to say more? The only detail different was that we found and rescued the remaining Miners. And that this “Chosen One” entered the Temple and locked himself inside of the Temple. My eyes started at the Dragons and the statues we took from the Mining Shaft as well as the strange pools we found in the cave. The rest of such notes are in my Lab Notes.

Returning back home we heard of news that an attack befell the City but as my first statement, I had nothing to worry about nor did I ever need to worry about the safety of this City. Though it was interesting to note that the Goblins possessed Siege Weapons to fight against us. It if of no concern though, I have doubt they possess the ability to Fire proof their equipment so any ranged Fire Attack would prove to be a great success. Even if it was protected by some Magic there are also spells that penetrate or dispell other Magic. Regardless I digress from an important topic.

The same group of which I wished to no longer be apart of was to re enter the Cave and enter the Temple to discover what became of the “Chosen One” and what lies in the Temple. To which I simply returned to creating content and lectures for my students for our next meeting. The draconian symbols were of interest for me but cared for it less than my care for instruction for my school. I am Du Couteau Alchemist, my Legacy is what is of importance to me and of now my students are my Legacy and are just about family as my brother. If not more than such.

Session 9

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