Rising Dawn

Session Sixty-Six
In which the party says Bon Voyage!

With the help of Enna, the party quickly split into their respective missions; Talon went to harry the opposing sailing ship, while Adoness, Enna, and Desmond traveled underwater, sustained by the power of Desna.

The group of three came upon the location of the Sea Serpent with the help of more spells, and soon were going about stealthily chopping off a crest spine. Meanwhile, Talon wreaked havoc upon the Santa Timea, burning sails and blowing off masts.

When Adoness had finished retrieving the spine needed, Enna used her magic to send the Sea Serpent into the Elemental Plane of Water, where it would be safe from Captain Arab and Captain Jones.

Upon returning, the party lied to Arab about their activities, and continued the ‘search’ for the Sea Serpent over the next few days, while secretly following directions given to them by Desna herself.

The session ended as the party found themselves caught up in a massive storm that covered much of the sea around them!

XP Awarded:

Roleplaying: 900XP

Obtained Spine of Sea Serpent: 20000XP

Delayed Captain Jones and his ship the Santa Timea indefinitely: 1000XP
Grabbed the Spine of the Sea Serpent without causing pain or alerting the beast: 2000XP
Saved a species from sure destruction: 3000XP
Convinced Captain Arab to ‘keep looking’ for Sea Serpent: 100XP

Total: 27000XP

Session Sixty-Five
In which the party sets sail!

It was a rocky start, but the party got underway quickly enough. A minor spot of trouble was had when Desmond’s mercenaries were brought onboard the Mermaid’s Tide; Adoness found a single worshiper of Lamashtu, who she quickly killed while he was attempting to make his escape. This caused the others to panic, almost absconding with their supplied weapons until Adoness asked ‘nicely’ for them to leave the repeating heavy crossbows.

After hiring a new group of mercs, who were carefully vetted before hand, the voyage was able to get underway. Arab gave some discussion on where to sail to next, and the following six days were filled with much sea fun!

During the fourth day, the Mermaid’s Tide sailed into sight of the ship of the nefarious Captain Jones! The two sailing vessels traveled roughly similar courses for the next two days, at which point the lookouts on the two ships spotted the tail of the great Sea Serpent descending back into the waves, apparently having just surfaced and dove.

Desmond suggested sneaking onto the ship of Captain Jones to do a small bit of sabotage, to prevent the men from reaching the Sea Serpent first.

XP Awarded:

Roleplaying: 800XP

Catching sight of the Sea Serpent: 1000XP

Intimidating the first batch of mercs into giving back the heavy repeating crossbows: 200XP
Using Divinations to gain a better sense of where to find the Sea Serpent: 1000XP

Total: 3000XP

Session Sixty-Four
In which the party hires a crew!

After some talking with Captain Arab, you quickly found that he was slightly unstable. His crew, who he had already paid up front, had been bought out by a captain Jones the night before, who was also after the Sea Serpent. Enna found information later to suggest that Jones had set up an arrangement to sell the Sea Serpent corpse to the owner of The Collection in Newmark.

After some more talking and a few attitude changes in rapid succession, Captain Arab decided to open up a table for signing on a new crew, which he apparently had not thought of before that moment. After getting a large list of possible shipmates, Arab held interviews, with the party helping make decisions about whom to hire or not.

In the end, 28 of the 32 applicants were hired on.

You spent 10,520gp on hiring crewmembers for your ship, the Mermaid’s Tide. Captain Arab provided 5,000 gold coins, and you are responsible for gifting him the remaining 5,520gp. Desmond is being paid 300gp for being a skilled crewman.

General crewmen:
Umar Phillips – Dark hair on half his head, the rest shaved off.
Keely Morhar – She radiates a positively flowery smell at all times.
Jack Robin – Wears an eyepatch over his right eye.
Ernetht Jour – Talkth with a lithp; speaks Dwarvith and was a tranthlator.
Robert Ozog – Positively optimistic about his chances.
Marian Mcchesney – Has firey red hair.
Clyde Lamountain – Always munching on an apple.
Ivy Kistenmacher – Has a body that is tattooed all over with ivy vines.
Rodney Frayer – Never wears a shirt. Flexes a lot.
Phyllis Lubbert – A guy. Really short too.
Arturo Escorcia – Hair as white as snow. Was very defensive about his background.
Sara Betters – Swears. A lot.
Jaime Mardesich – Has a nervous twitch in her face.
Sean Gordey – Black skin, doesn’t speak much.

Cameron Erdner – Wears a monocle, speaks in posh British accent.
Jennie Kohus – Tells plenty of stories about the days she spent in the wilds.

Alberto Poehler – Missing half a nose. Mostly experienced in orienteering.
Kelsey Husman – Has a pegleg.

Darius Arlen – Only has one ear.
Tasha Helman – Talks very seductively. Seems to be very into men.

Balistae Crewers:
Julius Maresco – Always squints.
Meghan Smoldt – Has short cropped brown hair.
William Hadel – Very tall man.
Kimberley Huschle – Speaks in a soft tone; hard to hear.
Julio Armato – Doesn’t understand much Common. Speaks good Dwarvith though.
Wesley Gaskell – Has a hook for a left hand. Just learning how to use balistae.
Guy Mital – Is belted down with arrows. Loads of arrows. A great shot too!

Marcos Pecci – makes lots of spicy Italian foods.

XP Awarded:

Roleplaying: 400

Found the potentially evil crewers: 100XP
Helped fund the expedition with personal money: 100XP
Entertained me while I ran a parade of NPC’s past you: 4000XP


Ding, level twelve!
In which the party levels to twelve!

Update your Saving Throws
Roll your Hit Die twice and take the better result for HP
Add new Skill Points
Add your Favored Class Bonus if it applies
Update your Base Attack Bonus
Update to-hit bonuses for your weapons
Gain any new class abilities
Check old class abilities to see if any of them scale upwards
Learn new spells or extracts where applicable
Gain more Spells/Extracts per day where applicable
Choose one attribute and raise that stat by one point! Update any applicable skill points, hit points, saves, or armor classes.


Session Sixty-Three
In which the party encounters traps!

After having quickly sifted through the remains of the Black Hand and their followers, the party made safe camp for the night at the base of the mountain. Starting early the next day, they hiked up to the secret and previously hidden entrance to the Black Hand’s cave. After bypassing some traps, and Desmond cleverly opening a door by spraying blood all over it, the group went inside.

They followed a few twisting passages, avoiding some traps and triggering others, until they made it to a larger cavern, where it was clear the Black Hand had slept. Finding a shrine, Enna went about consecrating and hallowing the site, after which a vision of Desna appeared in front of the group.

After giving a gift to each party member, Desna spoke words of wisdom to the group.
“As I have spoken, so it will be. Your journey ahead is a hard one, and you will suffer loss. But forge ahead, and you may yet triumph. When the time comes, and you do not know where next to go, find the blue Elf, he who fights against his oppressors. Help him, and he will give you aid.”
“Finally…do not forget where you came from.”

Finishing their search of the room, the party continued to explore the final passage of the cave, only just avoiding a dangerous trap. Gathering the gold found within the last room, they set out to travel down the mountain. After reaching the bottom, they decided on their means of travel, and set forth for the town of Southport.

It took two and a half days, give or take, to reach it, but you made it with two days to spare! Unfortunately, after finding the old white captain Arab in the Leaky Galleon tavern, his words to you were harsh: The expedition is canceled!


Loot and Rewards:

Approximately 30,000gp in various denomination coins
One large chest, finely decorated, no hinges, does not sound hollow. Uncertain of value.

Each PC was granted a gift from Desna.

Talon, your two permanent negative levels were removed.

Enna, you have gained Darkvision up to 60’, and receive a +2 bonus to saves that involve Illusions.

Adoness, when you concentrate upon a person, you can hear the voice of Desna whisper in your ear the deity which that person primarily worships. If you pray to her, Desna will also grant you the ability to Detect Evil once per day.

Desmond, you find that the strength of your throwing arm and blows increases when you spout forth praises of Desna. When you make an attack, if you praise the Goddess to your enemies, you can up the damage die of any thrown weapon attack by two steps (Example: 1d4 becomes 1d8; 1d6 becomes 1d10; 1d8 becomes 2d6).

A map of Halefix with several circled locations; all but one seem to be places where the Black Hand or other agents of Lamashtu encountered the party.

Talon has learned the recipe to make Black Smear Poison. He currently possesses two doses.
Black Smear—injury; save Fort DC 18; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d4 Str; cure 1 save.

XP Awarded:

8 CR10 traps of varying types: 19,200XP

Roleplaying: 600XP

Stone with symbols of Desna showing her blessings, received: 16,000XP

Consecrated and Hallowed the hideout of the Black Hands of Lamashtu: 1000XP
Built a shrine to Desna: 100XP
Spoke with Desna herself: 500XP

Total: 37,400XP

Session Sixty-Two
In which the party defeats the Black Hand!

After much dangerous fighting, and some not too close calls, the party triumphs!


Wand of Hold Person (5 charges, DC18)
Wand of Greater Command (8 charges, DC20)
Wand of Heat Metal (11 charges, DC17)
Paper with an inscription of Power Word Stun; the most powerful word fades both from the paper and from memory every time it is spoken, and can only be spoken again when the word re-appears on the paper three days later.

Flechette Glove: A leather glove that appears smooth at first glace; closer inspection reveals that there are numerous small pitted pinholes dotting the entire glove. Upon issuing the command word, the glove allows the wearer to cast Pellet Blast twice a day.

Necklace of Fireballs (type IV)

Potion of Barkskin
Potion of Fly
+1 Silver Dagger
Tanglefoot Bag
Oil of Dispel Magic
scroll of Contact Other Plane (CL9th)
Scroll of Commune with Nature
Scroll of Planar Binding
Scroll of Project Image
Scroll controlling two spells: Trap the Soul and Reverse Gravity
Pearl of Power, 5th level

XP Awarded:

Defeated Black Hands of Lamashtu, CR12 x4: 19200XP

Roleplaying: 600XP

Survived without a party member death: 400XP
Finally eliminated the Black Hand! 3000XP

Total: 23,200XP

Session Sixty-One
In which the party faces the Black Hand...again!

After quickly and easily taking out the eight cultists and one sacrifice around the stone table, the party prepared for the alerted Black Hand, who no doubt heard the noise of the gong one of the cultists managed to raise.

After some tense waiting an a bit of planning…the Black Hand struck! Four of them revealed themselves to Adoness, who was able to see them thanks to Talon’s extract he had given her. The battle began, with fighting being fierce and violent!

Adoness has been Stunned by a powerful magical effect for four rounds.
Desmond finds himself under the effect of a Hold Person spell, causing him to be paralyzed for 10 rounds, with a new Will save at the end of his turn each round.

XP Awarded:

Two Priestesses of Lamashtu, CR8: 2400XP
Six CR5 Cultists of Lamashtu: 2400XP
Swarm of Army Ants, CR5: 400XP

Roleplaying: 400XP

Broke up the worship of Lamashtu: 100XP
Downing a potion of True Sight in prep: 100XP

Total: 5800XP

Session Sixty
In which the party has a deep and meaningful conversation

The group made it to Tim’s shop in the dead of night. Setting off some alarms, they were quickly met by the shopkeeper, who invited them to stay the night.
In the morning, everyone went about their business quickly; Desmond and Enna set off to the Temple of Desna, while Adoness spent some time shopping, and Talon struck up a conversation with Tim.

After much deep and meaningful conversation, Desmond has stated that he wishes to be a better person, a person that Desna can look upon and smile at. Enna was quite delighted to help him convert, as Adoness had before him.

Once the rest of the party made their way to the temple and paid their respects, the group set off for the Wormshole Range, where Adoness knew the Black Hand of Lamashtu had a hideout. About five days of travel took them down the Lahnsay River into the mountains, where they found the dark and foreboding mountain hideout of their foes. After some debate, it was decided to camp out on their folding boat, to wake up early in the morning and embark up the mountain unseen.

However…in the middle of the night, the party was startled awake by the nearby sound of drums and chanting!!

Identified Loot:

+2 Glamered Adamantine Banded Mail – The wearer of this armor can change its appearance at will to look like plainclothes, to add or remove colors and symbols, or generally change the look of the armor. As an Adamantine set of armor, the wearer will gain DR 3/-.

Potion of Water Breathing
Amulet of Natural Armor +3

Desmond opened his chest to find 160,000gp

Masterwork Flaming Throwing Axe
Masterwork Returning Earthbreaker

XP Awarded:

Roleplaying: 800XP

Exploration: 1000XP

Using your folding boat: 50XP
Bringing another convert to Desna: 200XP
Identifying equipment: 50XP

Total: 2,050XP

In which the party gains more levels!

Level eleven, everybody! Go ahead and level-up; here’s your checklist:

Update your Saving Throws
Roll your Hit Die twice and take the better result for HP
Add new Skill Points
Add your Favored Class Bonus if it applies
Update your Base Attack Bonus
Update to-hit bonuses for your weapons
Gain any new class abilities
Check old class abilities to see if any of them scale upwards
Learn new spells or extracts where applicable
Gain more Spells/Extracts per day where applicable
Everyone gets a new feat!

Session Fifty-Nine
In which the party lights up the night

Desmond sprung into action at the sight of the Dryads, immediately putting into effect a plan. Looking around for a few moments, he created a bomb, carefully set a fuse to it, and moved around to the opposite side of his distraction.

It takes but a few moments, and some miss-timing on the part of the fuse-lit bomb, but eventually a tent is sent up in flames, causing a distraction that drew all but one of the guards away from the cages. Desmond quickly dispatched this guard, and then began his attempt to unlock the cages to allow the Dryads free.

Meanwhile, Talon grabbed up a new torch, abandoning the one he had left earlier which was in the middle of a herd of soldiers rushing to put out the tent fire. Flying overhead, he made it to the oil-soaked tents and foodstuffs, and dropped the torch, lighting the whole thing ablaze.

After some assistance from the dead guard and from the Dryads in the cage, Desmond was able to free all four captives. Ordering them to head towards the trees, saying that he’d be right there behind them in a moment, the rogue attempted to rig a dead-man’s switch for the body of the guard he just killed. Unfortunately, this did not go as well as he’d hoped; though he avoided getting hurt when the bomb exploded early, he did attract the attention of the camp, who quickly realized that the prisoners were escaping.

What followed was quite the chase through the camp, with Desmond directing the dryads through alleys of tents and troops, stopping only to forcibly remove obstacles from their path.

Enna, in the meantime, had spotted the glow of fire on the horizon, and began her journey quietly towards the camp to aid what must have gone downhill. On her way, she encountered a runner headed for the sentries to warn them of the escape of prisoners. Thinking quickly, she cast Color Spray in the face of the sentry, who was knocked unconscious. Soon afterwards, she managed to get to the location of the stalemate between Desmond and his pursuers.

Speaking of which, Desmond and dryads had been forced into a dead-end. In the seconds he had before being confronted, Desmond ducked into a tent, activated his ring of chameleon power, and came back out looking just like General Talliway. Bluffing his way through the encounter, he turned pursuit around to work on fighting the fires now spreading through the camp. Then, he turned and exited through a hole the dryads cut into the tent behind him, spilling out into the land just outside the Vorn camp.

Talon, meanwhile, had paid the general a visit, turning invisible and tackling him to the ground, attempting to intimidate him. His first efforts were resisted, but when he sent a few bursts of flame at the man, the general quickly reconsidered his brave position and fled.

The group met up outside the camp, with Enna leading the way back to their mounts and keeping a lookout with Aura Sight. Once there, the group used their Orb of Escape to safely arrive at Tim’s shop in the wee hours of the morning.

XP Awarded:

Made it through a heavily guarded camp without dying, plus taking a few with you: 1000XP

Roleplaying: 500XP

Rescued four Dryads from certain doom and demise: 1500XP
Humiliated General Talliway: 1000XP
Impersonated a general to make your escape: 500XP
Tied up a runner to prevent the sentries from learning of the escape: 1000XP

Total: 5,500XP


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