Rising Dawn

Session 13
In which the party parlays with a dragon and explores a dungeon

A small bit of time was spent wrestling with the dragon, before Enna was able to attract its attention by pulling out the two dragon statues which the party had gathered earlier. This gave Enna an opening to start a dialogue with him, and the dragon was identified as the Guardian. He was convinced that the Kobold who passed that way the day before may have been lying to him, and allowed the party to continue past him.

Desmond continued to lead the way, and found an apparent dead-end. He was successful however in finding a secret door there, one which was magically locked and protected. The party finding no way to open it, they decided to continue in another direction. Backtracking, the group decided to check the second door in the well room, which Desmond unlocked skillfully. Inside was found highly decorated tablewear, as well as an old leather bag, tattered with age, which seemed to have no bottom from the inside. The rogue asked the Guardian if the items in there were his, to which he answered negatively. The group decided to leave them for the time and move on.

Further down another few hallways, Desmond found and stopped a trap which reversed the gravity in a part of the corridor, stopping the party from falling upwards into spikes. Next, he led them into an armory, decorated with many tapestries. Enna was barely stopped before setting off a trap, but Desmond was unsuccessful in disarming it, instead setting it off and burning several of the group. The treasure chest which was trapped opened to reveal some gems and coins, which the party left for the time.

The next chamber held several old skeleton leaning against the walls, but none seemed animated by magic. The group continued through the next door, into the hallway, and the session ended when they approached another door.

XP Breakdown:

Talked the Guardian down from destroying you as Defilers: 300XP

Exploring further into the Lost Temple of Dahak: 50XP


Reverse Gravity trap: 150XP
Cone of Flame trap: 100XP (less because you set it off instead of disarming)

Discovering the secret door: 50XP
Not killing the Guardian: 25XP

Total: 875XP

Session Twelve
In which the party tackles a dragon (literally)

After meeting with Ondar, the party quickly split up their treasures gained from the search of the mines and defeat of the Kobolds. Magical items were kept, while the rest were sold off. Due to its unique nature, William purchased their Dwarven Waraxe for more than what you would normally get for it, giving you the full value of three hundred gold pieces. Similarly, the jewelers in town paid full value for the gems you sold to them, including the incredibly rare Grand Jewel Ruby.

Adoness, having kept the Potion of Flight, left samples of it with Archmage Celeon, explaining her hope that the Council would requisition some for defense of the city, and investigation into the alarms that were being set off overhead on occasion. A note was similarly left with Ondar.

Desmond met with one of Celeon’s mages, attempting to get an explosive potion or twenty brewed for himself. She gave no promises, but thought she might be able to research something along those lines in about two and a half months, payment requested upon pickup.

Meeting in the morning the next day, the party found Oliver to be waiting for them at the Smithy, citing incompetence as the reason he was kicked out of the kitchen for the day. Receiving the key, Adoness gave it to Desmond, and proclaimed him second in command of the unit. The group then trekked out to the mines, and down into the deeps to the Lost Temple.

Desmond took the lead inside, with Adoness staying ten feet behind him, then Enna, Talon, and Stormy. Miles and Oliver elected to stay behind and guard the door. The party entered a mess hall of sorts, full of dust and old dishes and chairs and tables. Moving forward, they encountered some dead-ends, and Desmond was wounded rather violently by a swinging blade trap which he failed to notice until too late. He took it like a man however, not making a sound as his shoulder was mutilated. Enna took care of his injuries and healed him up quickly.

Coming to a caved-in portion of hallway, the party backtracked, at a loss for where to continue forward for a time. Fortunately, Desmond was able to find a hidden door into another room, which was filled with a trio of rotting zombie corpses. Adoness and Desmond made short work of them, and a further examination of the room was made.

Filled with cages that held skeletons, and shelves full of tomes and books, it appeared to be a rather insidious research area, one long ago abandoned. The coins which the group found laying around indicated that they came from a time prior to the barrier being put in place around Halefix.

Entering the next room, Desmond found something only his dreams could have imagined: A small, green dragon, sleeping in front of a door. The party examined the area, looking at the chain affixed to the wall and ending broken by the sleeping dragon. Desmond, waking it up, attempted to parlay with it, as well as Talon and Enna. Reacting only to Enna’s mention of the Kobold, it stood aside and bid them to exit through the door it was guarding.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be a trap. As Desmond was hit with a poisoned needle, the dragon let loose with a fierce gout of acid from its stomach, hitting the Rogue and Cleric alike. A fight broke out, ending with the dragon and Desmond wrestling with each other, while the rest attempted to damage it or stay out of its way.


Enna has been elected to carry the party’s magical substances such as scrolls, potions, and anything else of interest that is not to be sold. Therefore, Enna holds:
Shield of Faith potion
Potion of Remove Fear
Potion of Virtue
Oil of Hold Portal
Scroll of Endure Elements
Scroll of Fog Cloud
Scroll of Bull’s Strength x2

Adoness grabbed the potion of Flight, which was deposited with the Archmage for study and replication.
Talon took the Wand of Magic Missile, which holds 13 more charges.
Desmond has the Ring of Force Shield.
*Ring of Force Shield: *An iron band, this simple ring generates a shield-sized (and shield-shaped) wall of force that stays with the ring and can be wielded by the wearer as if it were a heavy shield (+2 AC). This special creation has no armor check penalty or arcane spell failure chance since it is weightless and encumbrance-free. It can be activated and deactivated at will as a free action.

All other items besides the dragon statues were sold. The total gold gained from these sales comes in at 2,452 gold, two silver pieces, and eight copper pieces. When the four platinum pieces and thirty gold pieces found in the Temple so far are added, you gain an additional 70 gold pieces. Divided by five, every member of the party gains 504 gold pieces, 4 silver pieces, and 6 copper pieces.

XP Breakdown:

3 Zombies, CR 1/2: 120XP

Entering the Lost Temple and beginning to explore: 50XP


Disarming Swinging Blade Trap the hard way: 150XP

*Miscellaneous: *
Handing in the Potion of Flight for defense of city: 30XP
Attempting to restrain dragon instead of killing: 25XP

Total: 575XP

Session Eleven and a Half
In which the party returns home

It takes some hours traveling, during which the party identifies their magical items and counts up their loot from the mines and chests outside the temple. When you arrive back at Halefix, it is late afternoon. Entering through the northern gate, everyone can note the lack of people moving around the town. It appears that everyone took the advice of the Elders and moved away from the walls and into the inner city.

Sounds of light battle come infrequently from the western walls as you walk through the city and drop the miners off at the Temple of Serenrae for care. Inside, several warriors are being tended to by the healers, most of their injuries just minor. One of them points you towards the western wall when you ask if they know where Ondar is.

Arriving there after a few more minutes, you find Ondar in a large, cloth-covered stall with two of the other high-ranking guardsmen and two of Celean’s mages. Giving your report, Ondar congratulates you on the safe return of the six miners, as well as how you dealt with the Kobolds. He commends Enna and Talon for their service, and then proceeds to inform you on how the defense of the city went.

A messenger was sent out to meet with the Goblins and parlay. Best as Ondar could gather, this did not go well, as when the Goblins arrived at the walls their first act was to place a pole with the head of the messenger out in front of their siege force. From there things only got worse, but are still manageable. There were more Goblins than anticipated, perhaps a force of 60 or more. They launched several rocks from catapults outside the walls, but the walls held. It wasn’t until the last two rocks that they realized they could shoot them over the walls. The last two hit several buildings, and caused the injuries of the guards in the temple. The Goblins are currently camped outside the walls, and the mages are attempting to figure out how to destroy their siege engines from afar with Ondar.

Ondar again offers his congratulations, speaks with just Adoness for a bit, then gives out his new orders. You are to rest for the remainder of the day, get healed up if needed, and then to report back to William in the morning, grab the key, get into that temple and figure out what the Kobold is up to. He also places Oliver on kitchen duty for the rest of the day and the next.

DING! Level three!
In which the party levels to 3

Level up, boys and girls!
We’re missing next week’s session, but that’s okay— you can spend your time leveling up your characters.
This is the last level at which you are required to stay in your original class— next time you gain a level, you can multiclass to wherever you like!
Remember to double-check the checklist I made for you last time, and everyone who is able might want to meet on Roll20 or IRC sometime to decide how to divvy up all of the loot that you gained.

If you want to look ahead to where the game might be going, don’t forget to check out Prestige classes, found all over the PRD. They all have some sort of requirement to be able to take a level in them, so if your goal is to get into that prestige class, best to start checking requirements now. Some may be waived/changed, so be sure to consult with your friendly local GM about any requirement changes that can be made!

If there is any gear, weapons, magical items, or otherwise that you are looking to purchase with your newfound wealth, bring a list of what you want (and replacements of what you might want if you can’t find those items) to our session on September 8th, as we should have a time for you to go shopping if needed.

Session Eleven
In which the party frees the miners and discovers a lost temple

It took only moments to dispatch the Kobold that Adoness and Enna were facing, and then silence descended into the cavern, broken only by the arrival of Stormaggedon. The Halfling quickly caught up with the group, and they began moving on, investigating the area. A Kobold surprised the group with an arrow that missed its mark, and was quickly slain. Talon investigated a small pool filled with bioluminescent white flecks, which would gather to his finger when dipped in the pool. He grabbed a vial full of this, as well as a vial full of the green ooze in another pool.

Stormy scouted a bit south, and found nothing of interest in those tunnels. The group moved a bit north, and spied in a lower section of the cavern a group of four Kobolds guarding the five miners. Adoness and Talon moved forward to talk with them and distract them, while Desmond, Enna, and Stormy flanked the group, and started helping the miners out of the cave.

Talon skillfully placed himself in the middle of the group of Kobolds, and managed to send quite a shock into all of them, and the fight began. It was short, but the enemy was aided by another Kobold who appeared from the south and began to cast a spell. Stormy responded to the new threat by kicking its face in as it started to release the magic, stopping the Kobold dead (quite literally).

Enna, moving over to investigate, was party to the fiery explosion which emanated from the glowing red bead dropped from the Kobold’s finger upon death, but she survived. Once the miners were free and the Kobolds defeated, Adoness and the others asked some questions of the miners, and proceeded to gather all of the Kobold bodies to load into a mine cart and take back up topside.

The group was interrupted by two of them hearing noises coming from where they were told the temple entrance was located. All of them deciding to investigate save the miners, they were greeted with a scene of a temple entrance in ruins, two chests on plinths at either side of the smaller cavern, and a single Kobold, dancing manically and spouting out laughter, ducking inside the great doors as they slammed shut.

- 87 PP
- 89 GP
- 129 SP
- 238 CP

- Necklace with small gemstone set into it (50gp)
- Pendant with golden chain (400gp)
- Plain silvery necklace (50gp)

- Obsidian (10gp)
- Rose Quartz (35gp)
- Turquoise (10gp)
- Grand Jewel Ruby

Magical Items:
- Potion of Shield of Faith (50gp)
- Potion of Remove Fear (50gp)
- Wand of Magic Missile (Previously gathered, now identified— UMD check DC20 to activate unless it’s on your spell list, 13 charges left) (750gp)
- Potion of Fly (750gp)
- Potion of Cure Light Wounds (50gp)
- Scroll of Fog Cloud (300gp)
- Scroll of Bull’s Strength (x2) (300gp each)
- Ring of Force Shield (estimated value not given)

Masterwork Items:
- Masterwork Dwarven Waraxe (300gp)
- Masterwork Dart (300gp)

Arms and Armor:
- Small Leather Armor x11 (10gp each)
- Small buckler x5 (5gp each)
- Small spear x7 (1gp each)
- Small shortsword x4 (10gp each)
- Small shortbow x3 (30gp each)
- Arrows x40 (2gp total)
- Dagger x5 (2gp each)

- Figurine of red dragon (300gp)
- Figurine of blue dragon (300gp)

XP Breakdown:


Getting all miners out safely (for the most part): 400XP
Discovering the lost Temple: 200XP


Collecting samples from the pools: 30XP
Stopping all Kobolds above ground before they alerted those below: 40XP
Nearly bluffing past the first group of Kobolds: 20XP
Using distraction tactics to free the miners: 20XP

Total: 1,685

Session Ten
In which the party chases after some Kobolds into the mines

Finishing off the last few Kobolds in the area, one manages to make it into a minecart before being critically wounded. The party left Miles and Oliver topside to watch over the miner. Stormy decided to stay there as well, at least for a time.

Once they made it down into the mines, the group was met with a small force of Kobolds. They challenged the party in their own language, which Talon was able to replicate. He had almost convinced the guard unit that they were there to collect prisoners, and that The Chosen had received the key, when things went wrong. The Kobolds were quickly ambushed once their suspicions were aroused, and the group made short work of most of them. One started running away, presumably to alert others. The party gave chase.

Loot: None
Information: Enna learned that there were five other miners in the tunnels besides the one saved earlier.

XP: Handed out at the end of the dungeon

Session Nine
In which the party copies a key and talks to The Chosen one

This week, the party was called by the tolling bells to the square, where they learned of a likely Goblin attack on the walls of the city. After the public service announcement was made, Captain of the Guard Ondar pulled aside Adoness, and gave her orders to take a key, which was supposed to allow entry into the ruins of a temple discovered by miners a week or more previous.

The Council of Elders had been contacted that day by magical means. A Kobold, calling himself The Chosen, told them that he was holding the miners for a ransom, that being the key allowing entry into the temple. Adoness and her unit were tasked with giving them the key and ensuring the safe return of the miners. In response to a question that Desmond asked, Ondar said that they were authorized to ‘deal with’ The Chosen if they thought it put no miners at risk.

Before departure, Adoness had William make a mold of the key so that, if lost, they could feasibly enter the temple.

Upon arrival at the mines, Adoness approached and attempted to parley with the four Kobolds there, one of which was proclaiming to be The Chosen. They had one of the miners tied and gagged in the dirt, and refused to allow the miner to be set free before they had the key. The party did not much like this, and in the end Enna used a spell to compel him forward, attempting to intimidate him. This resulted in three of the four Kobolds moving to attack, while the fourth one started running back into the mines.

Adoness quickly tackled and then chopped the head off of The Chosen, before he was able to do much. The other two became bloodied before the session close, while the Kobold running away stabbed at the miner, grievously wounding him, and getting a dagger in the side for his troubles.

XP will be given out at the end of the adventure.

Enna grabbed The Chosen’s brandished wand, which is currently of unknown purposes. A Use Magic Device check of 20 or greater will allow her to use it and find out what it is, or she may attempt to identify it with a Spellcraft check. If she spends twenty minutes examining it, she will be able to take twenty on her check and automatically identify it.

The Loss of a Friend
In which Kane runs away

Two days after the Festival of the Moon, Kane does not report for guard duty as ordered. After some searching, it is discovered that he left a note in his bunk room, stating that he has left to attempt to leave the city and its people, for a life of adventuring outside Halefix. This note was only known to a few in the guard, among them Adoness and Desmond. Publicly, Kane was pronounced dead.

However, that day Desmond found an arrow with a quartz tip on a night stand in his house. A note from Kane read:
“Desmond, I know you are adventurous, and I wish that one day you would come find me in the outside world. I leave you my Arrow of Traveling, given to me on the day I became a man, that you might use it to further your adventures and learn the excitement that is the world outside.
Come find me.”

Three Quartz tips were also laid beside the arrow.

Arrow of Traveling: This arrow is equipped with a small quartz head. Once fired, when it lands the quartz shatters into tiny pieces, and the arrow and character who fired it swap places. However, due to the imperfections in quartz, every character who uses this arrow as a means of travel takes 1d10 points of damage. The quartz arrowhead must be replaced as a full-round action in order for it to work again.

Session Eight
In which the party finishes the Festival of the Moon

The remaining competitions were the brawling competition, pie-eating contest, and the talent show.

Adoness and Stormaggedon both performed admirably in the brawl, leading their team to victory. They were awarded gloves for their win, black leather with weighted knuckles.

Desmond and Kane both entered in the Pie-eating contest, and while Desmond had the heart, he had not the stomach to go on after his tenth pie. Fortunately for Kane, he used his loss to the other man’s advantage, disgusting the other competitors enough that only one was left to continue eating. Unfortunately both tied for most pies eaten, coming in at 13. They received a Wand of Create Food and Drink, which Desmond confiscated.

Finally, the talent show. Enna impressed the audience with her trained Ferrets for a time, before they had a slight miss-communication, finding multiple wrong people in the audience until finally reaching Adoness. Talon was next, and gave a dazzling display of alchemy by creating a bomb which exploded into a likeness of his family crest. He completed the demonstration with an example of his Mutagen’s fierce likeness, wowing the crowd and turning out to be one of the more pleasing acts of the night.

Desmond rounded off the show with a rousing song, written by himself. Though it was for the most part ill-met, a few young children in the crowd clearly loved the performance.
In the end, the award was given to a different act, and the ending ceremonies were held. The team comprising of Enna, Desmond, Adoness, Stormaggedon, and Kane were awarded 600 gold for winning the greatest number of contests.
The Festival came to an end, and the people went back to their business. It was another week before the church bells rang to call the people to defend their city, the first bit of interesting activity since the festival.

During the festival, Talon and his brother both revealed their plans for Alchemy schools, to help instruct others in the ways of alchemy. Though it was not critically acclaimed that night, the next day four students did show up to learn from the Couteou’s.

XP Breakdown:


Winning four out of seven contests: 400XP


Using magic to fight and eat pie competitively: 20XP
Using losing to help teammates win pie contest: 20XP
Opening Alchemy school: 20XP

Total: 860XP

Gloves of Boxing: These leather gloves, a solid black color, have slightly weighted knuckles, allowing for a punch to cause just a bit more damage than it might normally do. When a character uses these gloves, they gain +1 unarmed damage.

Wand of Create Food and Water: The food that this spell creates is simple fare of your choice—highly nourishing, if rather bland. Food so created decays and becomes inedible after 24 hours, although it can be kept fresh for another 24 hours by casting a purify food and water spell on it. The water created by this spell is just like clean rain water, and it doesn’t go bad as the food does.
If you are not a Cleric, you must succeed on a Use Magic Device check DC20 in order to activate the wand. It takes ten minutes to create the food. The food produced is enough to feed three humans or one horse for one full day. There are fifteen charges left in the wand.

Session Seven
In which the party competes in three contests

The Festival of the Moon has begun, and Celean has announced the competitions for this year. Thus far, the group has managed to compete in the Pottery competition, which Talon’s brother won; the Climbing competition, which Adoness won; the bull-riding competition, won by a male Elf, and finally the acrobatics course, which Stormaggedon took by…storm…and won in a stunning feat of skill and prowess.

After Talon’s brother allegedly threw a rotten tomato at Desmond during the climbing competition, he was arrested (though not without difficulty) by the guardsman, and escorted away. Talon, unhappy of this turn of events, left the team and replaced his brother in a different team. Kane stepped in to take over for Talon.

Prizes awarded:
Adoness: Ring of Sure-Footedness. While you wear this ring, your hands and feet seem to stick to surfaces much easier than normal. You gain +2 to all Climb checks while wearing this ring.

Stormy: Ring of Leaping. The picture of a jumping beast adorns this band of metal, and when placed on a creature’s finger, their muscles feel a bit springier, as though they could bounce up and down all day without tiring. This ring gives the wearer +2 to Acrobatics checks made to jump.

XP will be rolled in to next session’s total.


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