Rising Dawn

Session Thirty-Nine
In which the party fights to the death!

The fight raged long and hard this session, with multiple enemies taken down by Adoness and her compatriots. Talon was able to blow up one of the pillars, Adoness used her Hammer of the Heavy Drop to smash another, and Enna destroyed the third, leaving just one standing.

Talon, Adoness, and Desmond have all used their Luck.
Enna has one more round of Greater Path of Glory left.

Laeryn now has the condition ‘Broken.’ All attacks with the blade are at -2, and damage rolls have a -2 penalty to them.

XP Awarded:


CR3 Medium Water Elementals x4: 800XP
CR7 Aboleth x2: 1600XP

Destroyed three pillars feeding the Portal to the Elemental Plane of Water: 300XP

Total: 2,950XP

Session Thirty-Eight
In which the party Fights Evil!

The party set out in their acquired boat through the waves towards the deepest part of the lake, where they know they’ll be able to find the Water Elemental. As they traveled, Adoness questioned Desmond about his time under the influence.

The weather worsened the closer the party got to their target, eventually sending waves foaming around and wind whipping through the air. Enna cast her spell, and the group dove into the rough waters.

Diving down, with Desmond leading the way wearing the Helm of Underwater Action, and Talon swimming along with his Cloak of the Manta Ray, the party quickly came upon the sight they were looking for: an ugly underwater structure, a large cylinder running on slave power, and an Aboleth watching over them.

The slaves, which could be recognized as people from the village, paid no heed to the heroes, leading Desmond to draw the conclusion that they were being controlled by the Aboleth. Adoness drew near, and then Enna cast one of her spells, which caused a magical Starknife to begin hacking at the cylinder, which had been determined to be sending out some kind of pulse through the water. As soon as this happened, the Aboleth darted for the peace-loving Cleric, and Adoness sliced it and diced it.

The newly freed villagers were in great confusion, until Enna, preaching Desna’s saving grace, gave them direction and told them to return to the island for the time being. From there, the group gathered the remains of a broken gemstone object retrieved from the center of the newly broken cylinder, and entered the underwater structure.

After a bit of exploring, the group found nothing in one large ‘under construction’ room, and two interesting tidbits in a second ‘run-down’ room. Swimming up the stairs, the party opened two large ornate doors to find themselves in a huge room, populated by many enemies and four pillars with glowing Aquarnite insets.

The Aquarnite, glowing, had several ‘strands’ of green energy emanating from it towards a large disc hovering in the back middle of the room, underneath of which stood the Water Elemental. After bandying a few words, and Enna spending the distraction time casting spells while Desmond summoned his Eidolon, the fight began when Adoness attacked one of the Aboleth!

Several blows were exchanged back and forth, before the session ended.

Expended Spells:
Greater Stunning Barrier
Spiritual Weapon

Spells in effect:

Ride the Waves: The party gains a Swim speed of 30, and can breathe underwater. Lasts for 7 hours.
Freedom of Movement: The party cannot be grappled, and suffer no penalties for attacks underwater. Thrown items still receive the usual penalties. Lasts for 70 minutes.
Touch of Luck: You may immediately re-roll one attack roll, skill check, or other d20 roll before being told the results. You must take the second roll. Lasts the encounter.
Bear’s Endurance: The party gains +2 to Fortitude Saves, +14 HP, and +2 to Constitution checks. Lasts 7 minutes.
Protection from Evil: The party gains +2 to AC and a +2 Resistance bonus to saves against Evil creatures and effects created by Evil creatures. Furthermore, any Evil-summoned creatures cannot touch the party, and their natural attacks all fail. Lasts 7 minutes.
Shield of Faith: The party is protected by a magical shield, granting a +3 bonus to AC. Lasts 7 minutes.
Bull’s Strength: The party is magically enhanced to be stronger, gaining +2 to melee attack rolls, melee damage rolls, and strength checks. Lasts 7 minutes.
Draconic Reservoir: Talon is protected from 42 points of energy damage. As a swift action on his turn, he can charge a melee attack with 1d6 points of energy which he has absorbed from his surroundings. This spell lasts for 70 minutes, or until all 42 points of energy have been absorbed.


Boro Bead: This multicolored, sturdy glass bead is an aid to members of the alchemist class. Once per day on command, a boro bead enables the bearer to recharge any one extract that he had mixed and then consumed that day, up to third level. The extract is then reconstituted and usable again, just as if it had not been drank. A bead works on an infusion, but not a potion, elixir, bomb, mutagen, or nonmagical alchemical material such as antitoxin.

Magical +1 Studded Leather Armor: This set of studded leather armor, though a bit rusty and very tattered and waterlogged, still retains its magical properties, enchanted to be stronger than most normal pieces of armor. Enna has been able to detect the presence of another enchantment upon the armor, but has not yet detected what this is.

XP Awarded:

Defeated an Aboleth: 800XP

Found the Palace of the Deeps: 400XP


Freeing the village slaves: 100XP
Evangelizing the villagers: 100XP
Discovering the use of the Cloak of the Manta Ray: 50XP

Total: 1900XP

Session Thirty-Seven
In which the party speaks with an Aboleth

The session involved a lot of talking, formulating, and planning. After having successfully fought off the disease the Aboleth plagued her with, Adoness prepared to head to the surface with Enna and Desmond. Almost immediately however, the two of them noticed a change in Desmond’s behavior, and were reminded of his warning of the Aboleth’s possible mind powers. After quickly conferring, Enna cast Protection from Evil on Desmond, who was immediately (though temporarily) released from the control of the Aboleth. Desmond was able to scrawl a semblance of a map quickly on a piece of parchment Enna gave him at Adoness’ request, to try and show the location of the Aboleth.

Meanwhile, Talon was busy meeting with the locals after returning his fishing boats. They were not happy with him taking off with their livelihood, and made it rather plain to him until he scared them off with a show of magical force. After that, the populace of the village left him alone, and did not bother the rest of the group either.

After the Aboleth regained control of Desmond’s mind, he was knocked out for the good of all. Enna was able to act as diplomat with the local lady who earlier told them the location of the aquarnite, in order to find where the Aboleth was hiding. It did not seem terribly worried about the possibility of the party finding him, and indeed invited them to find him.

The first order of business attended to after having reunited the party was to track down where a few fresh sets of tracks in the underground dungeon led to. It didn’t take too long for the group to find two scavengers from the town poking around in one of the bunk rooms, which they then left alone (after the villagers busied themselves shouting at the group).

After that, the party set up on the beach, Enna inscribing a scroll and Talon working his alchemy magic, attempting to weaponize the Aquarnite that they have retrieved. Powdering and sharding the items, he had a few ready for when Enna finished her scroll, using near sunset to attempt to speak with the water elemental.

The elemental was completely resistant to her attempts to talk with it and resolve the situation peacefully, claiming that he would rule the waters and that he was returning. He disappeared before Talon’s dropped bombs had any telling effect on the creature.

After some more discussion within the party, the group decided to sleep for the night before taking a boat out on the lake, which might be powered by magical squid to help them arrive without being harmed. Desmond woke in the morning seeming to be back to his normal self, though Adoness wished him to continue being restrained for the time being. And thus the session ended.

3x Powderbombs: These alchemical creations are a compact reaction chamber encased within a shell of powdered Aquarnite. When thrown, the bombs will blanket a ten foot by ten foot area with Aquarnite dust, causing 4d6 damage to all creatures vulnerable to Aquarnite. A successful reflex save of DC17 will give half damage.

3x Shardbombs: A more deadly, yet harder to use bomb created by Talon on the sands of the island village, this bomb is crafted with several larger shards of Aquarnite encased inside, designed similarly to a grenade. On a successful ranged attack, the bomb will explode with full force, dealing 3d6 damage to any creature it hits, and an additional 3d6 to any creature vulnerable to Aquarnite. If the bomb misses underwater however, the force of the explosion is not enough to damage anyone it only barely misses, as the water absorbs the generated force.

XP Awarded:

Roleplaying: 300XP

Attempting to talk with the Water Elemental once again: 100XP
Figuring out where to find the Aboleth: 75XP
Putting the fear of the Arcane into the townsfolk: 75XP

Total: 550XP

Session Thirty-Six
In which the party puts their plan into action!

With most of a plan put in place, the party sprung into immediate action. Talon started grabbing fishing boats, tying them together and prepping his small fleet for launch. Adoness, Desmond, and Enna moved back down into the depths of the island, arriving at the airlock quickly. From there, Enna cast a spell to allow them each to breathe underwater, and the group divided; Desmond began swimming in the direction of the Deep Depths, while Enna and Adoness positioned themselves near the airlock, and began attempting to draw their enemies towards them.

It took some time for each element to get into place, but when they did things snapped into motion quickly. Almost simultaneously, one Aboleth revealed itself from under an illusion and attacked the Cleric, while another far away launched itself out of the water to crash down on one of Talon’s fishing boats, sending its fragments and detritus out into the lake all around it.

The Pseudodragon, tasked by Desmond earlier to distract the Elementals in the area by attempting to fly to the mainland, apparently kept the water elemental busy as it did not interfere in the battle that ensued thereafter. The fighting was fierce, with Enna and Adoness taking damage, and Adoness trading some back.

Meanwhile, Talon was throwing his bombs every time the Aboleth would surface above water, and although he had little success in hitting it, the Aboleth would at times crash down upon boats that Talon had earlier trapped with his alchemical magics.

Desmond, in the meantime, was swimming for his life towards the lake floor and the Aquarnite awaiting him. After arriving, he shoved as much in his bag of holding as he could loosely gather, and then sped off towards the airlock. By the time he reached it, the action was over. Adoness had managed to fillet the Aboleth that she had been fighting, while the one Talon was fighting had retreated while heavily wounded. Talon began his way back to the island.

Finally, Adoness was experiencing extreme difficulty while exiting out of the water; something the Aboleth did to her while fighting it had changed her skin, turning it rubbery and soft, and causing her skin to burn in the air. Enna attempted a small portion of spells to heal this ailment, which was only partially successful; Desmond luckily drew out a potion that was able to cure the Fighter of her disease, and thus ended the session.

About thirty pounds of Aquarnite shards

XP Awarded:

Defeated Two Aboleths: 1600XP

Survived the Deep Dives: 200XP


Collectively planning to retrieve the Aquarnite: 500XP

Total: 2,650XP

Session Thirty-Five
In which the party doesn't drown

With the water rushing in, the group quickly set to work attempting escape. Examinations, quick and slow alike, begin. Enna took some time to pray to Desna, receiving direction towards the peg-holes near the floor. After playing around with them for some time, the blocks in the peg-holes retracted, and a thick slime fluid began flowing out.

Eventually, it was found that this fluid would bond to the hands and create a thin membranous webbing between fingers. Meanwhile, the water continued rising, and while Talon began preparations to direct one of his bomb blasts outwards through the doors, Enna and Desmond began attempting to use leverage to open up the stone slabs blocking their way forward.

Eventually gaining enough purchase, Enna was able to get a glimpse of the other side, only to find that the other side of the slabs led only to the lake. However, it was at this time that Talon’s bomb went off, cracking the doors leading to the puzzle chamber behind them. Desmond levered them open quickly, and the party spilled out into the chamber, the water stopping its streaming from the peg holes in the top of the wall, but continuing to pour through the now open stone slabs.

Desmond acted quickly, and closed the now rising slabs by pulling the lever again. This closed off the water flow, and allowed some water to slowly drain through the floor of the airlock.

Deciding to take the rest of what was left of the night off, the party camped out in the guard room, three of them taking turns on watch. Waking refreshed in the morning, and having established that they had explored the entire complex, the party returned to the surface, meeting a townsperson on the way up, and telling him that there was no way off the island down there.

The man proved less than helpful for the party, and rudely left them, heading back to the surface. The party followed behind, Desmond briefing the rest on what he learned of Aboleth. When they reached the surface, they were faced with a crowd of likely everyone on the island, being informed of the letdown the newly opened door actually was. Taking some time to address the crowd, the party gained some new information, including that one of the village women had once found some of the green Aquarnite whilte trawling the Deep Dive. She also mentioned that the boats that traveled near there recently had never returned.

Also of note was an old heckler in the crowd, who did not seem to agree with anything the party said. In the meantime, Desmond caught up with the lady who knew about the Aquarnite. She refused to pilot her own boat there with him, but said there were plenty of boats near the water to use.

The session ended with the party discussing their next move, with strategies ranging from luring the Aboleth away from the Deep Dive and sending in a lone man to sneak some Aquarnite away, to trapping an Aboleth in the airlock, to taking a fleet of boats to the Deep Dive, to ignoring the Deep Dive entirely.

XP Awarded:


Blowing out the airlock doors: 25XP
Convincing the village to listen: 100XP
Learning about the Aboleth and Aquarnite: 100XP

Total: 725XP

Session Thirty-Four
In which the party pulls the lever

The party started off by examining one of the two stairs heading down. Desmond sent his Pseudodragon in first, who showed him that it was safe to come down the slightly slimy stairs. The room that the group found themselves standing in was large, the walls lined with many hatches leading into water-filled tanks, each with a small magical light inside them. Desmond made for the other side of the room to check the chest there for traps. From there, he saw five shapes in five tanks, which Enna soon identified as a frog-like humanoid, features resembling certain amphibians.

After a short debate on whether or not to open one of the tanks, the group grabbed the items from the chest and continued onwards. Back up the stairs, they traveled to the other
staircase, heading down.

Here, they entered a chamber with double doors across the way. Before taking more than a few steps inside, a magical voice filled the area, asking in Aklo how to address the savior. After some discussion, Desmond attempted to reproduce the language, but the voice must not have liked the answer, for soon glowing red symbols sprang up from the floor, and both sets of doors locked.

A plinth rose from the ground, which Talon and Enna deciphered to read “Darkness in a mirror.” Using their magical sources respectively, the two took a new look at the symbols on the floor, recognizing them for letters. On a hunch, Enna began stepping on some of the letters, which seemed to be correct. Every time she would jump over others, however, flame would shoot out of the ceiling, most of which she avoided.

Talon attempted to take a more direct route after a few moments, morphing into a bird and starting to fly across the tiles. Unfortunately, the fire blazed down and nearly burned the alchemist to a crisp before he stopped and drank some healing extracts and potions, as well as receiving some help from Desna via Enna.

It was not long before Enna finished her trek across the tiles, and the doors unlocked, the symbols fading away again. Into the next room, they found a large immovable door facing them, and a small room that featured only a lever on the wall. Perceptively, Enna noticed and pointed out to the others small depressions in the stone walls placed regularly at the top and bottom of three of the four walls in the room.

Eventually deciding to pull the lever, Desmond yanks it downwards, wherein the door behind them slams shut, and the depressions in the walls are drawn backwards, allowing water to begin pouring in.


Helm of Underwater Action: The wearer of this helmet can see underwater. Drawing the small lenses in compartments on either side into position before the wearer’s eyes activates the visual properties of the helm, allowing her to see five times farther than water and light conditions would allow for normal human vision. (Weeds, obstructions, and the like block vision in the usual manner.) If the command word is spoken, the helm of underwater action gives the wearer a 30-foot swim speed and creates a globe of air around the wearer’s head and maintains it until the command word is spoken again, enabling her to breathe freely.

Bane Baldric: This ornate sash of embroidered velvet stretches across the chest from shoulder to waist. If the wearer is an inquisitor, she is treated as five levels higher when using her bane and greater bane abilities. If the wearer is not an inquisitor, she gains the bane ability of a 5th-level inquisitor, but must first attune a light or one-handed melee weapon to the baldric by hanging it from the cloth for 24 hours, and can only use the bane ability with the attuned weapon. Attuning a new weapon to the baldric ends the attunement for the previous weapon.

Getaway Boots: These rather nondescript boots can, once per day, be attuned to a location their wearer is standing upon. Once the boots are attuned to a location, once per day as a full-round action, the wearer, along with anything she is wearing or carrying, teleports back to the attuned location as the getaway spell, except that no allies are teleported when the boots are activated even if they were in the area when the boots were attuned to their location. Once the boots are attuned to a location, they continue to be attuned to the same location until they are attuned to a new location.

Mask of a Thousand Tomes: The random snippets of script that write across the surface of this parchment-colored eyeless mask hint at the knowledge of the many tomes stored within. The mask grants its wearer a +10 competence bonus on all Knowledge skill checks, but the wearer is blinded while wearing the mask. The mask must be worn for 10 minutes before the wearer gains its bonus.

Unidentified cloak: Has an aura of moderate transmutation. Possibly something better and more changing than the Helm of Underwater Action.

XP Awarded:


Finished exploring the complex: 1,200XP

Traps and puzzles:
Summon Monster trap: 600XP
Electricity Arc trap: 200XP
Teleporting Tile: 400XP
Net trap: 200XP
Scythe Blade trap: 300XP
Thunder Blaster trap: 300XP
Falling Block trap: 300XP
Arrow trap: 200XP

Words of Fire puzzle: 1,100XP

Attempting to fly over the Words of Fire: 50XP
Pulling the lever: 100XP

Total: 5,300XP

Session Thirty-Three
In which the party reads a wall

What followed our last session was a whole lot of room moving. Desmond continued keeping ahead of the group, checking for traps, and the rest continued investigating the rooms. The door here being stuck, everybody retraced some steps to check other areas, with Talon using one of his extracts to find a secret door between rooms.
Heading back to the slime room, another door is opened, leading to a hallway. Going down the way, passing by a portcullis, Desmond allowed the group into a new room, in which Talon found a hidden door. A falling block nearly took out two of the group, and from there they left the hidden door alone for a time.

Moving through the Hallway, Desmond stumbled upon a magical trap, which Enna realized to be a summoning trap. After exhausting several other options, the Cleric called upon the power of her deity to dispel the magic of the trap, which she was very happy to find worked.

The next thing found was a teleporting floor file in the middle of an intersection, blocking the party’s way towards a set of stairs. After determining that the tile was not dangerous, the group continued forwards.

The next room contained old and broken supplies, possibly a pantry a long time ago. Enna found by sifting through a large pile of dust an old worn leather book, which she was able to decipher by use of magic to be an alchemy manual. Given to Talon, he was not able to understand the written word for the moment.

The next room found held many words scrawled on the walls in an ancient Elven script that Adoness recognized, and Enna could read through magic.

“The water-demon has enslaved us, but we shall not rest here subdued. We will not bow like cattle.”
“The water-demon has lackies. They call themselves The Ancient Ones, but an old man I met says that they are called Aboleth.” Here, you see a pictograph scrawled in black, depicting a fish-like body with a large eye and several tentacles.
“More have been brought here from the town. I’ve heard there’s more slave pens here, for more builders. I might be able to talk to them when working…”
“The frog-men keep us here, but they are weak. If I could convince the rest to help…but no one listens. We’re trapped here, under the water.”
The castle is nearing completion, but it won’t be a complete victory for the water-demon. I’ve convinced the others to put flaws in the stone, so it will be structurally weak. It may outlast my lifetime, but it certainly won’t outlast its.”
“We’ve been put to work someplace else now, mining a strange rock. Half of the others get sick after they’ve been mining it. More slaves are being brought down under the water from the town. If I were them, I’d just abandon the island…”
“The Aboleth have a weakness! The rock, the one we’ve been mining, they cannot touch it themselves, and if they do it burns them! One of the slaves accidentally threw a load of it wrong, and it killed one of our underwater masters. Unfortunately, many were slain for the mistake…”
“We’ve begun to smuggle the rock with us back to our bunks. A few of us have slivers of them now. We’re going to try to make them into weapons.”
“Most of us are armed now. We have to be careful though, the green glow it gives off has to be hidden or we’re given away for sure.”
“Tomorrow is when we make our break. We might drown without the Aboleth, but at least we will drown as free men. Perhaps we will make it back here, and can find another escape. Perhaps not. But one thing is for sure: The water-demon will not have its lackies any longer, and its kingdom will crumble.”

After reading this, the group started experimenting with the rocks they picked up. It was discovered that they could be made to glow faintly green for a short period of time under various methods.

From here, the group travels around another route and finds themselves back in a place they’d already been to. Checking Adoness’ map, they found a room they have yet to enter, and Demsond let them in. This appeared to be some kind of monitoring or control room; magical scrying means allowed views of various places in the complex to be shown on spheres in the room. This too was covered with slime, like the storage room and the entrance room.

After playing with a few levers, the party moved on to other ground. Examining the room which was covered by the falling block trap, they found little of interest but for a broken piece of pottery, the pieces of which were collected for eventual mending.
Here, the session ended.

Broken shards of pottery, perhaps worth 3,000 gold pieces once replaced to original condition

XP Awarded:


Disarming the summon monster trap: 100XP
Finding two trap doors: 350XP
Reading the history of the Cave of the Lost: 100XP

Total: 850XP

Session Thirty-Two
In which the party solves a puzzle

The party quickly dried themselves off, and were invited on a quick trip to the island village by the man who greeted them at the bridge. Adoness and Enna immediately started asking questions, ranging from what the ‘water demon’ was, to how long it had been threatening the island, and beyond. Their guide revealed that it had been three weeks since the troubles there had begun; the first warning was when a caravan was destroyed on one of the three bridges leading to the island, and was destroyed in much the same fashion as how the party had been chased off the bridge.

The guide showed everyone their little village, mentioning that there wasn’t any practitioners of magic there, and stated that the village was mainly comprised of atheists. When pressed by Adoness, he showed them a mysterious stone door set in a cliff wall which had been there since before the village had been founded some seventy-odd years previous; the guide expressed during this time his dislike for a child such as Adoness giving orders to an adult. He soon left the group to head down to the docks, stating that he needed to help with the nets.

Meanwhile, Talon and Desmond were busy attempting their own methods of finding escape from the island. Talon transformed into a bird using some of his alchemical mysteries, and tried to fly to the mainland; a large amount of wind kept him back however. Desmond started by sending his Eidolon across the bridge, then into the water, where only a little information was obtained. Next he brought his Pseudodragon out, and instructed it to fly towards the nearest keep. The poor little dragon was not quite able to make it out of the vicious winds however, but decided to attempt to later in the day when its strength was back. Desmond spent awhile reading in his Bestiary to try and find some pertinent information.

Gathering together at the door, the party attempted to solve the riddle that was the stone door. Interpreting the symbols etched upon it, Enna took out some of her mirrors, readying them to reflect sunlight onto the door. Temporarily stymied by the sun being blocked by the village houses, this did not prove to be a lasting problem when she gave a mirror to talon, who grabbed it in his talons and took off into the sky to angle a beam of light down to the group.

Daylight fading, the cleric handed the mirror off to Desmond, who, through the luck of Desna and a lot of skill, managed to make the last dying ray of light hit the depression in the door, opening it into darkness below.

Desmond and his Pseudodragon went first into the dungeon, scouting ahead. Leading the party through an arch, they came across a slime-covered room, littered with detritus. A few locked doors later, none of which stopped the rogue for long, and the party had skirted around a trap to find a room full of skeletons, some clutching cloth or slivers of rock. Enna collected them, and the group moved on.

The next room was similarly furnished as the first, with beds and skeletons. Desmond spotted a trap in front of one of the doors, and started dismantling it, almost finished when he accidentally cut the wrong cable, tangling himself up into a net. Enna cut him down, possibly with some amusement, and the group prepared to move on.

25 or so rock slivers
13 scraps of old tattered cloth

XP Awarded:

The Cave of the Lost: 300XP


Attempting to fly off the island: 100XP
Solving the mystery of the locked door on the first try: 100XP

XP will be awarded for the entire dungeon when it is completed.

Total: 850XP

Session Thirty-One
In which the party gets wet

Through quick-thinking and some fast-talking, aided by Enna, Adoness attempted to calm the mad sorcerer. It was off to a rocky start for awhile, with the sorcerer muttering and changing attitudes lightning-fast. From anger to sorrow to murderous rage, it takes a series of calm words and gestures from the Cleric and Fighter to get him calmed, dissipating the remaining magical energy that had been ringed around him the entire time.

After obtaining permission, Enna called upon Desna’s power to calm the mind of the sorcerer, allowing them to talk a little over a small meal. He revealed that under duress and strong emotion, he would lose control of his powers; in this way he accidentally killed a girl in a nearby city.

The party offered to take the man with them so that they could find him some help; with a clearer head he was able to inform them of a friend of his in Tulduroc who he believed could help with his mental control of the Wild Magic. Deciding upon that course of action, he thanked the group and departed, though not before receiving a gift from Enna, and testing said gift on Desmond.

The party went on their merry way again, spending another day and a half traveling until they finally made it to Lake Palming. Here, they found an island with some buildings on it, as well as three bridges connecting the island to the mainland. One of the three bridges was broken towards the middle.
The party decided to cross the bridge, sending Desmond in front to check for traps, apparently suspicious. About two fifths of the way along, he noticed that the bridge became slick with water, possibly condensation from below, possibly something else. Desmond and Enna focused some of their magical talents, and detected a magical and extra-planar aura nearby, under the bridge. Unable to communicate with it, the party continued onwards.

Halfway across, they found themselves faced with the other side of the bridge and a male figure making gestures at them. They continued forward, until Desmond finally figured out what was going on; turning around the group saw water rising from below the bridge to form a large wave, which then began rushing down the bridge towards them to sweep them away.

Enna quickly cast a spell to allow everyone to breathe under water if needed, while Adoness and Talon began running, Talon after grabbing up an extract. Desmond quickly began a summoning chant, and created a dolphin underneath him just as the wave crashed over him. He was able to surf the wave with the dolphin as his mount, which kept him at the crest of the wave and safe for the most part. Talon was swept up next, but was able to make good time swimming after imbibing his extract. Adoness used her mighty strength to toss Enna ahead, while she barely avoided being swept up herself by the time she reached the end of the bridge.

The session ended when the party was greeted by the man on the shore, welcoming them to the island and informing them that they’d be staying for awhile.

XP Awarded:

Visited Palming Lake for the first time: 500XP

Talked down the Mad Sorcerer: 800XP


Riding out the wave with style: 50XP
Having spells and extracts of use against the water: 50XP
Offering a means of disguise to the Mad Sorcerer: 100XP

Total XP: 1,900XP
Lose the Ugly Stick

Session Thirty
In which the party barely lives

The High Druidess and the cloaked man both avoided the attacks headed towards them, after which the Kitsune summoned up a flaming hot wind that knocked almost everyone to the ground, as well as dealing quite a bit of damage.

Using this moment of reprieve to berate the group, the fox-lady began shouting at them, while the others began picking themselves up off the floor. Talon drank an invisibility extract, and began moving around. However, it seemed that the cloaked figure was able to track him, and kept a bow trained on the Alchemist until he eventually decloaked at Adoness’ behest. In mid-rant, the Druid stopped abruptly, and turned away to her plant.

Moments later, filled with some slight banter and glaring on the part of the cloaked man and Geoffrey, the High Druidess turned back an announced that the group was free to go. She did not seem happy about it in the least, and gave the party the message to ‘use the mirror.’ As the party made their way out, Enna pulled out the mirror that Tim have given her. There he was waiting, giving a message of displeasure and debt owed, to be collected at a later time.

When the party made it out of the ravine, they realized that their horses were missing, heralded greatly by the shape of a wyvern carrying off the shape of a horse into the night. With skill and a little bit of magic, Enna was able to track the remaining two horses, stopping them just before the pair ran off into a ravine.

After taking some time for Enna to cry it out, and party moved on out of the broken hills, just far enough to make camp for the night. The journey was made all the more awkward by the apology Talon attempted to Enna, which turned interesting quickly.

Their speed hampered by the loss of all but two of their horses, it took the party six days of travel, cutting across wilderness and rivers to head directly to Lake Palming, before they met another person. This meeting was initiated when a haggard and distressed, and possibly mad man, stumbled into their dusk campsite. Begging for the party to hide him, they stuffed him in the Bag of Holding as a band of horsemen approached.

Dressed in gleaming armor and a plumed helmet, the lead horseman reigned in his horse near the party. Enna spoke up for the group, being humble and cooperative, learning that the man was a sorcerer and dangerous, a fact he had neglected to inform the group.

Once they had left, the sorcerer was let out of the bag. Questioning him led nowhere, until Desmond realized that one of his shuriken were missing. Asking the sorcerer and questioning him intently, Desmond deduced that the man had stolen the throwing star. As he began to make a fast getaway, Desmond stopped him. It was there that his demeanor failed, and he began yelling. The rogue incapacitated him with a tanglefoot bag, and the party started to interrogate him.

Enna began asking questions, which the sorcerer raged over. Meanwhile, Desmond poked him with one of his shuriken, causing the sorcerer to spark at his fingertips. Poking him a second time, this time with a different throwing star, the man grew with energy, flames and sparks dancing around him, until finally he exploded in a whirlwind of fire and lightning, throwing everyone back with the force of the blast, and looking much worse for the wear. Enna, Talon, and Desmond each took 18 points of fire and 19 points of electricity damage, while Adoness takes half of that. Enna quickly healed those near to her for 14 HP, while Adoness shouted for the man to stand down, which he seemed to ignore amid his howling rage.

In the blast, Talon was caught and imbued with a strange wild magical energy. As such, he is now able to assume a single human form other than his natural one up to two times each day. Talon realizes what change has been wrought upon himself, though not why, other than that it was caused by the wild magic released from the sorcerer.

XP Awarded:

Did not hand over the Sorcerer to the Inquisition: 500XP


Saving two horses from certain demise: 100XP

Total XP: 1,050XP


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