Rising Dawn

Session Fifty-Nine
In which the party lights up the night

Desmond sprung into action at the sight of the Dryads, immediately putting into effect a plan. Looking around for a few moments, he created a bomb, carefully set a fuse to it, and moved around to the opposite side of his distraction.

It takes but a few moments, and some miss-timing on the part of the fuse-lit bomb, but eventually a tent is sent up in flames, causing a distraction that drew all but one of the guards away from the cages. Desmond quickly dispatched this guard, and then began his attempt to unlock the cages to allow the Dryads free.

Meanwhile, Talon grabbed up a new torch, abandoning the one he had left earlier which was in the middle of a herd of soldiers rushing to put out the tent fire. Flying overhead, he made it to the oil-soaked tents and foodstuffs, and dropped the torch, lighting the whole thing ablaze.

After some assistance from the dead guard and from the Dryads in the cage, Desmond was able to free all four captives. Ordering them to head towards the trees, saying that he’d be right there behind them in a moment, the rogue attempted to rig a dead-man’s switch for the body of the guard he just killed. Unfortunately, this did not go as well as he’d hoped; though he avoided getting hurt when the bomb exploded early, he did attract the attention of the camp, who quickly realized that the prisoners were escaping.

What followed was quite the chase through the camp, with Desmond directing the dryads through alleys of tents and troops, stopping only to forcibly remove obstacles from their path.

Enna, in the meantime, had spotted the glow of fire on the horizon, and began her journey quietly towards the camp to aid what must have gone downhill. On her way, she encountered a runner headed for the sentries to warn them of the escape of prisoners. Thinking quickly, she cast Color Spray in the face of the sentry, who was knocked unconscious. Soon afterwards, she managed to get to the location of the stalemate between Desmond and his pursuers.

Speaking of which, Desmond and dryads had been forced into a dead-end. In the seconds he had before being confronted, Desmond ducked into a tent, activated his ring of chameleon power, and came back out looking just like General Talliway. Bluffing his way through the encounter, he turned pursuit around to work on fighting the fires now spreading through the camp. Then, he turned and exited through a hole the dryads cut into the tent behind him, spilling out into the land just outside the Vorn camp.

Talon, meanwhile, had paid the general a visit, turning invisible and tackling him to the ground, attempting to intimidate him. His first efforts were resisted, but when he sent a few bursts of flame at the man, the general quickly reconsidered his brave position and fled.

The group met up outside the camp, with Enna leading the way back to their mounts and keeping a lookout with Aura Sight. Once there, the group used their Orb of Escape to safely arrive at Tim’s shop in the wee hours of the morning.

XP Awarded:

Made it through a heavily guarded camp without dying, plus taking a few with you: 1000XP

Roleplaying: 500XP

Rescued four Dryads from certain doom and demise: 1500XP
Humiliated General Talliway: 1000XP
Impersonated a general to make your escape: 500XP
Tied up a runner to prevent the sentries from learning of the escape: 1000XP

Total: 5,500XP

Session Fifty-Seven(and fifty-eight)
In which the party grabs some spare parts

After having left the tower upon the Broken Plains with the Black Pudding Gel, the party was southward bound for some days, traveling towards the Everpine to find General Talliway’s camp, where it was rumored that some quest items could be found.

Along the way, the group encountered a contingent of men led by the General Linnorz. The general seemed particularly enamored with Desmond’s mount, and asked many a question about it, which Enna and the Rogue skillfully lied about.

Making good time on the road due to a spell to alleviate the need for sleep, the gang pressed forward. Near dawn, three made camp to cook breakfast, while Desmond went ahead and scouted out the Everpine Pass for traces of the general and his men.
Finding some tracks, Desmond moved back towards the party….only to find he was being followed.

In the end, Master was trapped by three hags, who invited Desmond for dinner. Desmond, not being the kind for fine dining, declined their invitation and instead put them out of their misery.

Upon arriving back at the camp, Desmond spoke little of the events in the forest, and everyone got about doing what they were doing.
After some divination on the part of the Cleric, the party had a good idea of where to find the General, the battle plans of the army, and the best way to approach the camp.

On the way there, the party was accosted by four new hags, these demanding a payment of a treasure each for the deaths of their sisters, or else they would have to face ‘Fluffy.’ After some ‘negotiation,’ the hags were given a holy symbol of Dahak, a book of Dahak, a compass, and the axe of Dahak. Adoness’ frightening countenance quelled any thoughts of turning the gifts down, and they all lived happily ever after.

Desmond and Talon took to the ground and sky to sneak skillfully past all sentries, and into the camp during the dead of night, while Adoness and Enna waited behind.

Desmond snuck through the camp quiet as something even quieter than a mouse. Eventually finding the general’s tent, he got inside, avoiding an Alarm spell or two, disabling locks and such, etcetera. He also found a locked chest buried underneath some loose dirt in the general’s tent, which he took with him. The rogue also took all of the general’s trophies on display in his tent, along with his fancy set of armor. The rogue, after some hesitation, decided not to kill the general and his bed partner.

On his way out the camp, Desmond decided to do his part to help the war effort, by finding as much food as he could, and dousing it in oil. Talon offered to drop the torch on the whole pile after Desmond had gotten away. Just before he left, however…Desmond passed by a clearing among the tents, with five guards and four cages starkly picked out in bright light. Inside each of those cages was a dryad, each looking sickly and very very weak, close to death.


Two dirty daggers
shiny necklace
vial of unidentified liquid

XP Awarded:

Grabbed a Toe of a Cloud Giant: 9000XP
Grabbed the Eye of a Cyclops: 9000XP

Roleplaying: 1000XP

Random assortment of 3 hags I didn’t expect to be brutally murdered: 1000XP

Forever cursed a general: 100XP
Intimidated second group of hags into not causing any trouble: 600XP
Warned Tim of the battle plans for Talliway’s group: 100XP
Snuck into Talliway’s camp undetected: 100XP
Found a non-lethal way to greatly hinder the war effort of the Vorn camp: 200XP

Total: 21100XP

Session Fifty-Six
In which the party fights a Lich and lives to tell the tale!

With some quick thinking on the part of the Cleric, Enna was able to summon two Outsider allies to aid the party in their fight. The two denizens of Elysium worked just as hard as the rest to take down the Lich, and eventually, despite the intervention of some of the Lich’s mummy protectors, he was taken down; incinerated to ashes by a spell cast by one of the Outsiders.

Everybody did a quick search of the Lich’s workshop, with Talon taking notes, and Enna searching for the mythical phylactery that would hold the creature’s life force within it. Unfortunately, she was unable to find anything of the sort, but was blessed with several other magical items. The party ended their day by returning outside the tower, grabbing Bob the Dino, who managed to lose the slimes tailing him, and made camp away out of danger.


Scroll of Wall of Stone
Scroll of Programmed Image
Scroll of Mass Invisibility
Potion of Rage
Potion of Delay Poison
Decoy Ring
Ring of Protection +2
Wand of Dimension Door, 47 charges left

XP Awarded:

CR12 Lich: 4800XP
4x CR5 Mummies: 1600XP

Roleplaying: 350XP

Gathered Lich’s notes: 50XP

Total: 6800XP

Session Fifty-Five
In which the party gets another quest item!

The party finished off their fight with the Black Pudding, while only the Rogue took damage which Enna quickly (and mostly) healed up. After Desmond collected the sample of gel they needed, the group exited and closed the door behind them, leaving several angry pudding splinters very hungry and unhappy.

Deciding to quickly explore the rest of the tower, the group searched several rooms along the remaining doorway, showing bedrooms in old decrepit states. They managed to salvage some worthwhile items and coins during this time.
Also noted were the disturbances in the dust, which were followed to lead to a large dining hall, where at four large tables rested several skeletons, close to 40 in all. Near the far end were mummy sentries, as well. The group, sans Adoness, snuck across the hall to the next set of doors. Entering there, they found a number of coffins, which were later revealed to contain mummies.

Attempting to pass through the next door, Desmond was unfortunately unable to spot the alarm spell woven into the door, and the mummies in the room were alerted to an intruder. Quick thinking allowed the group to remain undetected, and they descended the staircase found behind the door out of sight.

At the bottom, the group came into the sight of a workplace, lit brightly with torches on the wall, with many a workstation and laboratory equipment everywhere. At the far end, a man in deep robes sat. Talon, in his eagle form, began to fly into the room, when he was suddenly affected in an interesting way; his enchantments and spells all ceased to work the moment he crossed out of the stairwell and into the workshop. This caused the man to turn, revealing himself to be emaciated and corpse-like. Negotiations were met with limited success, and the session ended with the man pledging to add Talon to his army of undead.


1,850 worth of GP from items, jewels, gems, artwork, and coins found in the halls.

XP Awarded:

Gel from a Black Pudding— 7000XP

Snuck past several skeletons: 1300XP
Snuck past several mummies: 1600XP
Distracted Three Ochre Jellies: 1200XP
Defeated a Black Pudding: 800XP

Alarmed door: 300XP


Continued to explore the buried tower: 50XP
Managed not to get caught by sleeping skeletons and mummies: 75XP
Stumbled into the workshop of an undead necromancer, bravely going without the party Fighter: 100XP


Session Fifty-Four
In which the party finds some pudding

The party quickly and cunningly made their way through the razor bladed pit trap of DOOM, finding a way to stop themselves from being hurt seriously, and eventually stopping the floor from moving. The hallway led to a locked door which Adoness was able to smash open at the hinges. Inside, after surviving a very ineffective blade trap, the party found only a few items in here.

Retracing their steps, the group decided to head through the next door, which opened into a large throne room area. Inside, Desmond and Talon scouted around to find several oozes, including a Black Pudding. After a bit of examination, the party set about to defeat their foes. Desmond, hiding himself from the oozes, was able to cordon off the Pudding away from the Ochre Jellies which Talon led to another portion of the room.

Desmond led the surprise attack, firing several flaming arrows into the pudding, which split into four distinct oozes! Enna’s magic and Adoness’ quick thinking allowed them to attack without causing further splits, while Talon continued keeping the attention of the Jellies.


Orb of Escape:
Once per week, whoever grasps the Orb of Escape and activates it with a UMD check (DC30) is able to teleport themselves, and any people or items around them in a 30’ radius if they so desire, to any place they have already been to, no matter the distance or plane.

Strange Polyhedrical Die With Powerful Symbols Upon It: Unidentified, but blasting out a strong aura of all schools of magic.

XP Awarded:

Hallway Pit Trap With Multiple Blades of DOOM: 800XP


Working up tactics before engaging in battle: 100XP

Total: 1300XP

Session Fifty-Three
In which the party encounters some ooze

Sorry for the late post— but here’s a brief summary.
Everybody headed out to the Broken Plains to find the tower Tim told them about. After two days of riding, they came across the tower, to find different types of oozes and slimes around it! Carefully moving through the danger, everybody made it inside, to the top level of an old buried tower in a canyon.

In a room further downwards, there were three doors— the party went through the first door nearest to them, leaving a closed door and an open door to check.

Inside their choice of doors, they party was faced with…a terrifying deathtrap of DOOM!!!


Potion of Cure Serious Wounds CL5
Potion of Heroism CL5
Oil of Shrink Item CL5
Scroll of Summon Monster V CL5
Scroll of Summon Monster IX CL9
+2 Thundering Throwing Scimitar

XP Awarded:

Ochre Jellies x4: 1600XP
Slime Mold x8: 1200XP


Slipped past oozes without fighting them: 100XP
Lead oozes on a merry chase by dinosaur: 50XP

Total: 3350XP

DING DING DING! Level ten!
In which the party levels to ten!


Update your Saving Throws
Roll your Hit Die twice and take the better result for HP
Add new Skill Points
Add your Favored Class Bonus if it applies
Update your Base Attack Bonus
Update to-hit bonuses for your weapons
Gain any new class abilities
Check old class abilities to see if any of them scale upwards
Learn new spells or extracts where applicable
Gain more Spells/Extracts per day where applicable
No feats this level unless granted by a class bonus

Session Fifty-Two
In which they party devises plans

After Desmond’s purchases and needed wait times, the party held some in-town activities. Enna checked out the library some more, spent time at the temple, and similar activities. Desmond busied himself preparing an old abandoned house to hold the Prince of Shadows. Talon spent much of his time with his alchemist buddy in the Artisans Guild HQ, before purchasing a room there for himself; he also took some swordsmanship lessons.

Enna got Tim to get her an audience with the Prince of Shadows, in which she returned the mysterious book she ‘bought’ in Kelech-Mor all those months ago. The Prince agreed to get her the pages from the old record book, which might take a few weeks to arrive in the keep.

At the end of the night, it was decided to not kidnap the Prince of Shadows, because then the pages might not end up in the party’s possession.

Talon gained an extract, Adjustable Polymorph, to add to his formula book as a third level extract.

Talon paid 30 gold for swordsmanship lessons, which gives him proficiency in Longswords.

Talon paid up for membership to the Artisan’s Guild, gaining a workspace a few doors down from his friend in the guild HQ; this cost him 240 gold, and the room is his for a year.

XP Awarded:

Got a lead on the oldest book in the world: 500XP

Roleplaying: 400XP

Took lessons in swordsmanship: 75XP
Held audience with the Prince of Shadows: 75XP
Created a hidey-hole to stash the Prince of Shadows: 75XP
Bought a year’s membership to the Artisan’s Guild: 75XP
One year of putting up with the GM bonus: 1500XP

Total: 2700XP

Session Fifty-One
In which the party gets rich quick

The party looted the vault which Belbarith was storing all of his wealth in, quickly becoming thousandaires. After some discussion, they decided to take Belbarith down with them for judgement to be handed out by the sorcerers in the village.

After some assistance from Talon, the group made it back down to the Circle of Protectors, where they were greeted with joy and celebration!
After some more talking, and the handing out of gifts, which included a dinosaur for Desmond, the attempt at blocking Lamashtu’s servants from tracking the party, and other things, the group spent the rest of the day at various tasks, one of which included counting up their loot.

Upon the following morning, they departed for Newmark. They were teleported two days away from the keep, and made quick time to the city. Surrounding it were many signs of great battles, which Tim eventually informed them was from the HRG attacking and ousting the Vorn soldiers.

The group met up with Tim and talked for awhile; after receiving the painting, he called their debt met, and was able to provide the party with leads for some more of their quest items.
His old friend Captain Arab is traveling to Southport, where he will gather the last crewmembers needed to sail out in search of the fearsome Sea Serpent of the Adrian Sea— they are due to sail in a few weeks.
Some of Tim’s contacts have told him about a tower in the Broken Plains that seems to be a breeding ground for slimes and oozes, and the group might be able to find a Black Pudding there.
The Enchanter overheard some of the captured Vorn soldiers taunting their foes with stories of a General Talliway, who fights down south in the Everpine, and who has personally killed many giants and other mountain folk; he’s said to keep trophies of his kills to taunt the Druids and Dryads.

The session ended with some more discussion and a chance at shopping!

The Circle of Protectors has managed to block the Black Hand of Lamashtu from tracking your party for some time.
Desmond was granted a trained Iguanodon— he knows the commands Attack, Down, Heel, Stay, and Guard.

1976 pp

8 large rubies, worth 300gp each
31 large Diamonds, worth 1,000 each

Wand of Alter Self, CL5, 31 charges
Potion of Gaseous Form CL5
Scroll of Baleful Polymorph CL9
Scroll of Flaming Sphere, CL6

Identified items: Ring of Chameleon Power— 12,700 gp
As a free action, the wearer of this ring can gain the ability to magically blend in with the surroundings. This provides a +10 competence bonus on her Stealth checks. As a standard action, she can also use the spell disguise self as often as she wants.

Portal Stones:
These two stones are small, flat, round, and white. If you throw one of them up against a surface, it will adhere. It will stay there indefinitely, unable to be moved by non-magical means. If the second stone is thrown against the ground, the two stones activate; six foot high portals will spawn from them, allowing instantaneous travel between the two locations, no matter how far away they are, no matter what plane. These portals last for only three minutes, before they close permanently.

Staff of Wild Magic:
This old, twisted, gnarled looking long staff is just brimming with Wild Magic; upon activation, it will release a Wild Magic Surge, causing a completely random effect.

You officially own the Slippers of Spider-Climbing which you have been carrying with you.

For Desmond:
One Permanently altered Iguanodon, now looks like an Ankylosaur— cost 2750gp
Two potions of Invisibility, CL3rd
One potion of Fly, CL5th
20 1 Magical Arrows
20 +2 Magical Arrows
5 Acid Arrows, 1d8 Acid damage
5 Fire Arrows, 1d8 Fire damage
5 Freezing Arrows, 1d8 Cold damage
5 Shocking Arrows, 1d8 Electrical damage
Custom saddle for Ankylosaur— cost 400gp (takes a day to finish making)
Full-Plate armor with armor spikes for Ankylosaur— cost 9300gp (takes two days to finish making)
Sold Masterwork Studded Leather Armor, bought Masterwork Studded Leather Armor with Armor Spikes— net cost 213gp
4 Paralyzing Darts— DC30 Fortitude save or become paralyzed for 1d10
4 minutes
3 Sleep Darts— DC30 Fortitude save or fall asleep for 1d10+4 minutes
Slaver’s Whip:
This whip acts as a normal whip, but upon striking its target, the target is subject to a Command spell, DC13 Will save negates.
Small vial of pink unidentified liquid
800gp “donated” to the Desmond Gets Richer fund

XP Awarded:

Diamonds for the ritual: 8500XP
Gathered some more leads: 500XP


Handed in the Lost Painting of Palming Lake: 500XP
Built a shrine to Desna: 50XP
Crafting potions of Fly for the rest of the party: 50XP

Total: 10000XP

Session Fifty
In which the party frees the Couatl

The fight continued, with hard hits coming from both sides. At one point, Adoness was bespelled with a Hold Person spell, but Enna was quickly able to remove the compulsion; Desmond spent much time attempting to find the location of the real Couatl, eventually sending his Pseudodragon to check various terrain features in case they were illusionary. This paid off in the end, and the Rogue was able to find and release the captive Couatl.

Talon fought valiantly, but in the end, he was taken out by a blow from the last flying devil, dying a bit later when help was unable to arrive in time.

Upon release from its bonds, the Couatl, very short on words, captured Belbarith, who was in the process of moving away from the party; Belbarith was ensorcelled by the Couatl, and then left in the party’s care before the snake-bird left to remove the corruption to Ysgramor and the Wild Magic. It also left two parting gifts: The first, one of its feathers; the second, it Raised Talon from death, to appear well again.

Talon: You have been raised, via a Raise Dead spell. You gain two permanent Negative Levels. The two permanent Negative Levels have these effects:
Your max Hit Points are reduced by a total of 10
You are treated as two levels lower for level-dependent effects of spells
You take a -2 penalty to:
Attack rolls
Combat Maneuver Checks
Combat Maneuver Defense Score
Ability Checks
Skill Checks
Saving Throws


+1 Longsword
+1 Flaming Composite Longbow (can add up to +5 STR bonus to damage)
Demonspike Pauldrons
Unidentified ring
Three odd shaped disc-like stones

XP Awarded:

Erinyes Devil CR8 x2: 2400
Barbed Devil CR11: 3200


Obtained a feather from a Couatl: 7600

Attempted to find Couatl hidden in Wild Magic pool: 50XP

Total: 13800XP


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