Rising Dawn

Session Twenty-Six

In which the party makes it inside The Collection

The session started with the meeting of the party with Tim, who had, under Enna’s instruction, created for them a map of the inside of The Collection and a Teleportation scroll. He gave them a rundown of the defenses, and when the party was ready to go, gave them also a mirror that would allow communication between each other for a short time each day, if they so wished.

With their new items in tow, the group made their way back to their room in the inn. Here, they discussed their plan for the morrow. After much debate, and some dissent, it was decided that Enna and Desmond would lead the break-in attempt at The Collection, while Adoness and Talon would create a distraction.
Enna passed out masks, wished Desna’s luck upon the group, and they split at evening time.

Adoness and Talon used a combination of magic and wits to scale the walltops and make their way around the walls of Newmark. Finding the perfect spot for their distraction, the pair began preparations.

Meanwhile, Desmond employed the newly acquired Slippers of Spider-Climbing to scale the western wall of The Collection, then scrounging around with his tools before gaining entrance. Helping Enna up after him, the two had just turned to face the items before them, many and varied as they were, when Talon’s distraction lit up the night sky: Up in flames went a public outhouse, one man yelling and screaming out of the embers, calling for help.


Mirror of Communication:
This finely gilded hand mirror reflects its surroundings in a somewhat different manor…everything it shows seems to be a little off. But its true power lies in its link to its creator. By pressing a button on the bottom of the handle, the mirror turns into a likeness of its progenitor, Tim the Enchanter. The two beings can then communicate with each other as the Sending spell. This ability can be used only once per day.

Cap of Human Guise
Scabbard of Honing
Scroll of Teleportation
Slippers of Spider Climbing

XP Breakdown:


The Collection: 100XP

Creative distraction: 50XP
Formulated a plan of action: 50XP
Playing to your alignments when it came to entering The Collection: 50XP

Total: 700XP



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