Rising Dawn

Session Twenty

In which the party travels outside Polidin's Gap

The fight with the two remaining trolls continued, Adoness, Talon, the Eidolon, and even Desmond contributing towards their deaths. Talon was able to use an extract to cause flames of heat to leap from his jaws, and roasted one of the Trolls, while Adoness, recovering from being nearly killed by the final troll, rose up with help from the healing magic of Desna, and stepped forward to deliver the killing blow upon the green creature.

With that completed, the Half-Elf went through her ritual of taking the teeth and tusks from the trolls she killed, as well as eating a bit of the Elf-Eater, in a bit of poetic justice. After searching the rest of the cave and coming up empty, the party made camp in the entrance of the cave. Enna took this time to examine the magical items they had found on the skeletons of two humanoids earlier.

Setting off, the group traveled through the forest and camped the next night at the riverbank, just before the gap. In the morning they left the forest and mountains behind, emerging onto the gently rolling plains of grass. Checking their map, it was decided to head south towards Tulduroc, the capital of Hallfree. Enna and Talon decided on a compromise by heading south-west to make it to The Long Road, where their horses had an easier time of travel.

Their days march finished, the next one dawned early, and found them surrounded by farmland and farm houses. They started finding people on the road as well, mostly humans but some Halflings. It was not long until they found a sign, giving the name ‘Kelech-Mor’, and pointing ahead; further travel revealed that though this was not marked on their map, it seemed to be a town located at a crossroads.

Carts began passing them back and forth, and when they stopped briefly to examine a roadsign just outside of the town, a large cart flanked by armored guards on horseback passed them heading into town. They continued on their way, looking for an inn or place to stay and put up the horses, so that the animals could get some rest.

In the center of Kelech-Mor, they found themselves surrounded by four large feats of architecture. To the south they had a wide, expansive building labeled as the Kelech-Mor Trade Market; to the north was The Three Broomsticks Tavern and Inn; to the east was The Bank of Brigh; and in the center of town was a large, twenty-foot-high statue of a Kobold, colored emerald green, with two amethyst gemstones for eyes and holding a tablet, gear, and holy symbol in its clawed hands.

Adoness drank one of her healing potions
Enna used a potion of Reduce Person on a troll

Bracers of Follow-Through: (5,000)
Muted-brown metal plates connect over your wrists and slide back up your arms to stop just short of your elbows, allowing for slightly more protected forearms. Magically enchanted, the bracers grant you the feat Cleave while worn, allowing you to make a second attack on an adjacent foe if you hit on your first attack. These bracers can qualify you for any feats that use Cleave as a prerequisite. If you remove the bracers, you retain any feats which you have accrued that use Cleave as a prerequisite, however you are not able to make use of them until you have once again learned Cleave either by putting back on the bracers, or by taking the feat.

Gloves of Steady Aim: (4,500)
These soft leather gloves give your arms a feeling of strength when placed over your hands, and you find that items you throw move further and faster than normal. Equipping this item grants you an extra ten feet to any thrown item’s range increment. Additionally, you gain a +1 attack bonus to thrown weapons.

Mask of Stoney Demeanor: (500)
When worn, this mask transforms the wearer’s face into a stone statue and its voice into an emotionless monotone. Though it allows the wearer to speak, its facial expressions and voice betray little emotion, granting a +10 competence bonus on Bluff checks made to lie and a +5 competence bonus on Bluff checks made to feint, but also imposing a –5 penalty on Bluff checks made to pass a hidden message, and a -5 penalty to Intimidate checks.

- Flask of Alchemist’s Fire

XP Breakdown:

Two CR5 Trolls: 800XP

Cleared the Troll Cave: 400XP
Entering the Outside World: 200XP


Gathering trophies from trolls: 25XP
Attempting to throw a potion into the mouth of a troll: 50XP

Total: 1,475XP


Adoness gets:
Bracers of Follow-Through

Des gets:
Mask of Stoney Demeanor

Talon gets:
Gloves of Steady Aim
Flask of Alchemist’s Fire

Session Twenty

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