Rising Dawn

Session Thirty-Three

In which the party reads a wall

What followed our last session was a whole lot of room moving. Desmond continued keeping ahead of the group, checking for traps, and the rest continued investigating the rooms. The door here being stuck, everybody retraced some steps to check other areas, with Talon using one of his extracts to find a secret door between rooms.
Heading back to the slime room, another door is opened, leading to a hallway. Going down the way, passing by a portcullis, Desmond allowed the group into a new room, in which Talon found a hidden door. A falling block nearly took out two of the group, and from there they left the hidden door alone for a time.

Moving through the Hallway, Desmond stumbled upon a magical trap, which Enna realized to be a summoning trap. After exhausting several other options, the Cleric called upon the power of her deity to dispel the magic of the trap, which she was very happy to find worked.

The next thing found was a teleporting floor file in the middle of an intersection, blocking the party’s way towards a set of stairs. After determining that the tile was not dangerous, the group continued forwards.

The next room contained old and broken supplies, possibly a pantry a long time ago. Enna found by sifting through a large pile of dust an old worn leather book, which she was able to decipher by use of magic to be an alchemy manual. Given to Talon, he was not able to understand the written word for the moment.

The next room found held many words scrawled on the walls in an ancient Elven script that Adoness recognized, and Enna could read through magic.

“The water-demon has enslaved us, but we shall not rest here subdued. We will not bow like cattle.”
“The water-demon has lackies. They call themselves The Ancient Ones, but an old man I met says that they are called Aboleth.” Here, you see a pictograph scrawled in black, depicting a fish-like body with a large eye and several tentacles.
“More have been brought here from the town. I’ve heard there’s more slave pens here, for more builders. I might be able to talk to them when working…”
“The frog-men keep us here, but they are weak. If I could convince the rest to help…but no one listens. We’re trapped here, under the water.”
The castle is nearing completion, but it won’t be a complete victory for the water-demon. I’ve convinced the others to put flaws in the stone, so it will be structurally weak. It may outlast my lifetime, but it certainly won’t outlast its.”
“We’ve been put to work someplace else now, mining a strange rock. Half of the others get sick after they’ve been mining it. More slaves are being brought down under the water from the town. If I were them, I’d just abandon the island…”
“The Aboleth have a weakness! The rock, the one we’ve been mining, they cannot touch it themselves, and if they do it burns them! One of the slaves accidentally threw a load of it wrong, and it killed one of our underwater masters. Unfortunately, many were slain for the mistake…”
“We’ve begun to smuggle the rock with us back to our bunks. A few of us have slivers of them now. We’re going to try to make them into weapons.”
“Most of us are armed now. We have to be careful though, the green glow it gives off has to be hidden or we’re given away for sure.”
“Tomorrow is when we make our break. We might drown without the Aboleth, but at least we will drown as free men. Perhaps we will make it back here, and can find another escape. Perhaps not. But one thing is for sure: The water-demon will not have its lackies any longer, and its kingdom will crumble.”

After reading this, the group started experimenting with the rocks they picked up. It was discovered that they could be made to glow faintly green for a short period of time under various methods.

From here, the group travels around another route and finds themselves back in a place they’d already been to. Checking Adoness’ map, they found a room they have yet to enter, and Demsond let them in. This appeared to be some kind of monitoring or control room; magical scrying means allowed views of various places in the complex to be shown on spheres in the room. This too was covered with slime, like the storage room and the entrance room.

After playing with a few levers, the party moved on to other ground. Examining the room which was covered by the falling block trap, they found little of interest but for a broken piece of pottery, the pieces of which were collected for eventual mending.
Here, the session ended.

Broken shards of pottery, perhaps worth 3,000 gold pieces once replaced to original condition

XP Awarded:


Disarming the summon monster trap: 100XP
Finding two trap doors: 350XP
Reading the history of the Cave of the Lost: 100XP

Total: 850XP



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