Rising Dawn

Session Seventy-Four and Seventy-Five

In which the party finds a dragon and a secret base

The group managed to bluff their way into the Tarnwood Forest, past a Vorn guard outpost. It wasn’t going so well, until a stern look from Adoness put the officer in his place.

After a day and a half’s travel in the forest, avoiding several Vorn patrols the whole way, the group stumbled upon a conflict between HRG soldiers and a large dragon. After some talking, and many careful words, Enna managed to talk down the Dragon from exacting wrongful vengeance upon those gathered, while the rest of the party assured that no one had weapons drawn against the creature.

Afterwards, the HRG officer present requested that the party come with him to talk to his leader. He made several hard requests of the party, which Enna and Desmond accepted in stride, while Talon and Adoness decided to stay put, waiting to hear back from Enna.

With no weapons and being blindfolded for the entrance into the hideout, Enna and Desmond were lead underground to the HRG complex, where they were quickly taken to the Room of Truth. There, they answered several questions from the officer Halmand, upon completion of which he was satisfied that the two were trustworthy.

Meanwhile, back in the tree Adoness and Talon were hiding in, Vorn troops had shown up and began searching the area….

XP Awarded:




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