Rising Dawn

Session Fifty-Two

In which they party devises plans

After Desmond’s purchases and needed wait times, the party held some in-town activities. Enna checked out the library some more, spent time at the temple, and similar activities. Desmond busied himself preparing an old abandoned house to hold the Prince of Shadows. Talon spent much of his time with his alchemist buddy in the Artisans Guild HQ, before purchasing a room there for himself; he also took some swordsmanship lessons.

Enna got Tim to get her an audience with the Prince of Shadows, in which she returned the mysterious book she ‘bought’ in Kelech-Mor all those months ago. The Prince agreed to get her the pages from the old record book, which might take a few weeks to arrive in the keep.

At the end of the night, it was decided to not kidnap the Prince of Shadows, because then the pages might not end up in the party’s possession.

Talon gained an extract, Adjustable Polymorph, to add to his formula book as a third level extract.

Talon paid 30 gold for swordsmanship lessons, which gives him proficiency in Longswords.

Talon paid up for membership to the Artisan’s Guild, gaining a workspace a few doors down from his friend in the guild HQ; this cost him 240 gold, and the room is his for a year.

XP Awarded:

Got a lead on the oldest book in the world: 500XP

Roleplaying: 400XP

Took lessons in swordsmanship: 75XP
Held audience with the Prince of Shadows: 75XP
Created a hidey-hole to stash the Prince of Shadows: 75XP
Bought a year’s membership to the Artisan’s Guild: 75XP
One year of putting up with the GM bonus: 1500XP

Total: 2700XP



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