Rising Dawn

Session Eleven and a Half

In which the party returns home

It takes some hours traveling, during which the party identifies their magical items and counts up their loot from the mines and chests outside the temple. When you arrive back at Halefix, it is late afternoon. Entering through the northern gate, everyone can note the lack of people moving around the town. It appears that everyone took the advice of the Elders and moved away from the walls and into the inner city.

Sounds of light battle come infrequently from the western walls as you walk through the city and drop the miners off at the Temple of Serenrae for care. Inside, several warriors are being tended to by the healers, most of their injuries just minor. One of them points you towards the western wall when you ask if they know where Ondar is.

Arriving there after a few more minutes, you find Ondar in a large, cloth-covered stall with two of the other high-ranking guardsmen and two of Celean’s mages. Giving your report, Ondar congratulates you on the safe return of the six miners, as well as how you dealt with the Kobolds. He commends Enna and Talon for their service, and then proceeds to inform you on how the defense of the city went.

A messenger was sent out to meet with the Goblins and parlay. Best as Ondar could gather, this did not go well, as when the Goblins arrived at the walls their first act was to place a pole with the head of the messenger out in front of their siege force. From there things only got worse, but are still manageable. There were more Goblins than anticipated, perhaps a force of 60 or more. They launched several rocks from catapults outside the walls, but the walls held. It wasn’t until the last two rocks that they realized they could shoot them over the walls. The last two hit several buildings, and caused the injuries of the guards in the temple. The Goblins are currently camped outside the walls, and the mages are attempting to figure out how to destroy their siege engines from afar with Ondar.

Ondar again offers his congratulations, speaks with just Adoness for a bit, then gives out his new orders. You are to rest for the remainder of the day, get healed up if needed, and then to report back to William in the morning, grab the key, get into that temple and figure out what the Kobold is up to. He also places Oliver on kitchen duty for the rest of the day and the next.



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