The Rising Dawn awaits you…

Welcome adventurers, to my Summer campaign. I’ve learned a bit from my time spent GMing Daggers and Dwarves, and I’m ready to start fresh. Let’s see what kind of adventures we can get into this time!

This campaign is being designed as a long-term sandbox; you go out and explore, find new things, go on wild quests, do some crafting perhaps, and level up! Treasure and XP should flow quicker than my previous sessions, in which I severely stunted your growth.

We’ll be meeting Monday nights, from nine to twelve Eastern Standard Time.
Gameplay will reside on Roll20.

After each session, for a small amount of extra XP, every character is encouraged to write a short ‘journal entry’ detailing the events in the session as they saw it. These can be typed up and sent to me in some form, where I will post it on the wiki here.

I have several documents for your perusal:

Campaign Background information:

Character Creation rules:

Homebrew game rules, which override and supersede normal game rules:

Pathfinder Rules Reference, for some important rules reminders on the fly:

When creating your backgrounds, it might help to get together with some of the other players. Especially for the parts that involve other players in your own background. Try and get in contact with one another over DM, IRC, E-mail, or any other means possible and make it happen.

Finally, I am able to be found on IRC most all nights at various times, so if you have questions about the campaign, Pathfinder, or anything else just go ahead and find me, and I’ll be happy to answer questions.

Rising Dawn

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