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What to expect in the Adventure Log
Otherwise known as, 'what's different from last time?'

This adventure log will be updated after each session to give you a breakdown of XP earned, as well as a short summary of events that occurred. You are expected to keep your character sheets up to date with XP gained, gold acquired or lost, and equipment looted or sold. I will not do this for you.

Session One

The session began with a short talk with Archivist Teion in the Grand Library. After questions about the Rite of Passage were answered, everyone was released to find a group and go home. Many stayed at the Library for a time, until Desmond, in an attempt to distract some librarians so he could pick the lock into the Restricted Section, knocked over several bookshelves and caused the library to close for the night.

In the morning, a brief ceremony was held outside the gates before you began your journey. The first day was somewhat uneventful, and everyone helped Enna forage for some edible food along the walk. You made camp by the marsh, hosting three watches for the night.

Awakening the next day, you consumed some of your leftover berries and fruits, and began your journey anew. Skirting around the edge of the marsh, you made it to a small river, which you followed into the mountains, all the way up to the river. There, some attempts were made to break through the barrier, to no avail. Adoness spotted an old well, and the Halfling was sent down inside to take a look around. The well led into a tunnel, which eventually opened up into a cave. Desmond soon joined Stormaggedon, and after a bit of exploring, both were surprised by a spider dropping down in front of them from the ceiling!

XP breakdown:


Lockpicking attempt: 30XP
Foraging for food: 30XP

Started the Rite of Passage: 100XP

Roleplaying: 200XP

Investigating The Barrier 50XP

Total: 410 XP

Session Two

The session started out with both Desmond and Stormaggedon dealing with the giant spider which surprised them at the end of the last session. After a bit of running away and some fighting between Desmond and Adoness as to if they should continue to run away or not, the spider was killed by a mighty blow from Adoness’ blade, which she snuck out of the city with.

After this brief bout, Desmond, being the opportunist he is and having taken the time to search the cave, attempted to loot the bodies of three guardsmen from Halefix which had bee previously caught by the spider. Adoness would have none of this, and ended up knocking him out with the pommel of her blade.

Adoness and Enna spent some time burying the bodies, then everyone began walking. Desmond began walking by himself, insisting that he needed no part of this group and remaining adamant that they leave him alone. The session ended at the end of the day’s travel, with nothing terribly important having happened during the journey, just the group following after the suicidal Desmond.

XP Breakdown:

Giant Spider: 100XP

Survival check to track Desmond: 20XP
Checking if spider is edible: 10XP


Roleplaying: 200XP


Total: 330 XP

Session Three
In which the party gains a new member, encounters some wolves, and hears a loud boom.

The group met up with Kane, an apprentice fletcher from Halefix who had apparently taken to traveling alone during his rite of passage. He did elect to follow after the party after a bit, however. In the morning, the group continued moving on. They made it to the southern forest in just over an hour, Desmond continuing to stay ahead of the rest, attempting to travel alone.

After some more time spent in the forest, which involved much talking and Talon nearly heading to the northern portion of the barrier, the party was set upon by a small group of wolves. After Adoness skewering one, and then decapitating another, the third wolf which Kane was attempting to wrestle into submission managed to flee. With her divine magic, Enna healed the injuries of the wounded by Desna’s might, and then the group followed a reluctant Desmond to another portion of the southern barrier wall.

There, he had just convinced Enna and the others to merely follow along behind him a good distance, rather than with him in sight, when a loud crashing, booming noise overcame them, shaking the air and reverberating for several long moments before falling silent again.

XP breakdown:

Three starving forest wolves: 300XP



Creative skill check – Heal check to examine wolf bodies: 10XP
Aiding Another to search for food: 30XP

Total: 640XP

Session Four
In which the party finds a great green beast and runs away.

The huge booms attract the attention of the part, and Stormaggedon, Kane, and Adoness investigate. After walking a bit, they manage to find the source of this sound: A large, shaggy, green-furred beast is pounding on the barrier, turning a small portion of it opaque and white.

The group was about to run back to inform the others, and subsequently Halefix, when Adoness recognized the creature as one she’d seen before; indeed, as one which had killed her mother. It took her quite a long time to calm down and be persuaded to come back for it another time.

As Desmond reached the view, he took a moment to stare at the other side….and caught sight of the Eidolon which had been haunting him for years. It was locked outside the barrier, and soon engaged in mortal combat with the green beast. As he watched, the eidolon seemed to defeat the shaggy thing, but was still trapped outside the wall.

The group all met back up at nightfall, with only a few short miles left to Halefix.

XP Breakdown:


Discovering a weak point on the barrier: 100XP



Total: 325

Session Five
In which the party returns to the city, and proceeds to argue their way to success

Waking up, Desmond and Enna spent some time attempting to find food for the group, who unfortunately weren’t able to find anything. Thankfully, just a bit of time after they set out towards the city, they found a small peach orchard which was able to feed everyone but Desmond, who was allergic to the peaches.

A little further on, the party spied an abandoned wooden house out on the plain. Desmond was the first to investigate, and found that the owner was in fact inside….and dead. Neither he nor Enna could determine the exact cause of death, and it appeared that it might have been natural causes. Around back, Adoness liberated the overgrown garden of its carrots and some potatoes, for Desmond’s breakfast. Kane found a finely crafted quarterstaff in the house, and showed some expertise twirling it.

Enna, Adoness, and Kane built a funeral pyre for the man, and laid him to rest there. Desmond found and opened a locket with a picture of a woman, which he promptly threw in the fire as well. The group moved on.

At the walls of Halefix, Adoness spoke to one of the guards, who brought them to the Council of Elders. The Elders listened to the party’s tale, some with skepticism, others with a more compassionate ear. Despite many refusals by Magister Madrin, he eventually relented under pressure of the arguments the party made for informing the entire city of the possible dangers that they now faced.

The session ended with Kane and Desmond attempting to break into the Grand Library, which was still closed from their last venture inside, and Adoness, Enna, and Talon speaking at Talon’s laboratory.

XP Breakdown:


Completing the Rite of Passage: 500XP


Finding the peach orchard: 10XP
Getting into the Grand Library: 10XP
Burial of exiled city member: 15XP
Impassioned arguments, building upon each others and aiding another: 15XP

Total: 850

DING! Level up!

That’s right, with this last session, you’ve managed to earn enough XP to level up your character! Every character has at least 2,555 XP earned from merely playing each session. Your next level will be at 5,000 XP.

When you level up, you’ll do several things. Here’s a helpful checklist to make sure you cover everything.

Gain new HP: Find your class’s hit-die. For Fighters, this is a d10; for other classes like Rogue, it is a d8. Because you aren’t level 4 yet, you still gain maximum HP each level, therefore instead of rolling that die, you will simply add the highest number, plus your constitution modifier, to your HP.

Adjust your saves: Each level, your base saves for one or more of the three saving throws will increase. This is found on your class’s table on that class’s specific page. This table is also important to show you what other abilities you might gain this level.

Add new abilities: Like stated, your class table will tell you any new abilities you have gained. Record these in the appropriate spots on your character sheet.

Add new feats: If this is an odd-numbered level, you will gain a new feat for your character. If you are a Fighter class, you will gain a feat at every even-numbered level as well, however any feats gained at even levels must have the (Combat) prefix to them.

Spend new Skill Points: The number of skill points you gain each level is equal to the number your class gains, plus intelligence modifier. This will vary by class; for example Clerics gain two skill points per level, plus their intelligence modifier, while Rogues will gain eight skill points per level, plus their intelligence modifier.

Learn new spells/extracts: For the spellcasters of the group, check how many new spells, spell slots, or extracts you learn at this level. This information will be found on your class list.

Check your old abilities: Some abilities may be level dependent, such as abilities which are usable a number of times per day equal to 1/2 your level plus a certain number. Check each of your old abilities and make sure that their information is still up to date.

Add your Favored Class bonus: If you took another level in your favored class (which you must until level four), you can either add an additional HP, or an extra Skill Point.

Check for Ability Score Increase: At levels four, eight, twelve, sixteen, and twenty, every character earns an ability score increase. This allows them to add a permanent +1 bonus to any one attribute of their choice. If this changes the ability score modifier, make sure you change anything that uses this modifier so that it accurately reflects the new number.

And that should cover it all. Have fun leveling up your character!

Session Six
In which the party hears two speeches and finally gains some loot

Previous to this session, Laz, Christian, and Xu met with me a few times to do a few things during the previous night, which mostly involved breaking into the Grand Library and stealing the magical books there. This resulted in several interesting magical effects inflicted upon Desmond, Kane, and Enna, as well as Desmond acquiring a new Werebunny.

This session encompassed a long span of time, from the day after the party talked to the Council of Elders, to six months afterwards.

The day after the last session, Madrin called the city together to announce the danger from the barrier being not as effective as previously. He then announced that the Coming of Age ceremony would be held later that morning.

The Coming of Age ceremony was conducted mainly by Grand Archivist Teion, and Archmage Celean. Celean called each youth forward to give them a special item out of her deceptively deep bag. The new men and women of the city were also given some gold and a house with a small plot of land.

Adoness led a party to the edge of the barrier to where the great green beast was last seen, but the only things there were a broken-looking Eidolon and signs of a struggle and leaving creature, as though the green beast picked itself back up and moved away.

As the months flash by, here’s a small excerpt from the goings-on. Enna makes a pretty good living as a scribe in the Temple of Desna, while Desmond continues to enjoy friendly talks of crime and bad things with Kane at night. During the day, he serves in the temple well, and earns his own living quite comfortably. The only unrest he has come from his dreams at night; many nights he has nightmares of his Eidolon. After four months, he decides to leave the temple and join the city guard, impressing some with his skill in thrown weapons.
Kane, as we noted earlier, attempted to open a Fletching business, which unfortunately wasn’t very well thought out. It went down the drain, and towards the end of the six months, he joined the city guard.
Talon spends his time learning many new alchemical secrets, including a new discovery about his mutagens, which now gives him some fearsome weapons if he drinks his mutagen. He remains in hot competition with his brother, who seems to always do just a little bit better than Talon.
Adoness is put on many of the patrols out into Halefix. She ends up finding many such sites on the walls of the barrier such as the one where the great green beast was pounding. She is eventually promoted to Corporal, and put in charge of a small unit of guards, including Kane and Desmond.

Two gaps are found in the barrier— one a week after the search began, and the second three months later. In both cases, the gaps were about the size of a normal humanoid, and the edges were ragged and made of pure white force. Adoness was head of the force which guarded the first, and Ondar the second; to her dismay, Ondar was the one who led soldiers into battle when several large spiders attempted to gain entry to the countryside inside the barrier.
The first breach was patched up after three days.
This is the length of time it took Celean and Father Ardent, working together, to figure out how to patch the wall.
The second barrier took only a day and a half to be patched, but in that time five guards were lost to the spiders who were trying to force their way inside.
The Goblins and Kobolds who made the mountains and upper forests of the north their homes proved to be mysteriously absent during most of this time, and no patrols managed to find any gathering of the creatures larger than three.
On occasion, strange creatures found their way to the city walls, and were set upon by the defenses and defenders of Halefix— these must have slipped through the breaches in the barrier unnoticed before they were patched.

Celean and Ardent worked out a method to monitor most of the barrier, by setting out magical sensors which could relay noises to a few listening stations that were established in the city. These stations were manned at all hours by at least one magical adept, and the term “serving time as the ears of the city” became commonplace among the younger practitioners of magic.
Due to this helpful magic, Adoness was able to find more creatures very similar to the great green beast— not always the same color or shape, but certainly of the same type. Normally they were found by the walls in packs of two or three, taking turns pounding on the barrier.
The Archmage, with the help from Talon, his brother and father, and a few other alchemists and practitioners of magic, were all able to figure out how to send magical shocks through the barrier to the creatures pounding on the other side, to discourage their attempts.
And so by the fifth month, the booming of creatures upon the barrier became a very seldom occurrence, happening perhaps once a week, and usually not by any of the green beast’s kin.
Several other creatures have attempted to gain entry through the barrier in this time as well, but all seemed similarly discouraged when met with the magical shocks.

Within the past two months, however, the listening stations have reported several crashing and booming noises coming from the dome overtop the barrier, up in the sky. Unfortunately, no one has been able to investigate these booms further.
Most of the mages agree that this is the only interesting thing that happens during listening shifts— determining from where exactly on the dome the noises are coming from.
And so we end our session tonight with the people preparing for the next day’s festivities— it is time for the Festival of the Moon, the celebration of the founding of Halefix exactly five hundred years prior to today!

XP Breakdown:

None (ish)

Coming of Age Ceremony: 200XP


Playing with magical books from the library: 20XP

Total: 420XP

Session Seven
In which the party competes in three contests

The Festival of the Moon has begun, and Celean has announced the competitions for this year. Thus far, the group has managed to compete in the Pottery competition, which Talon’s brother won; the Climbing competition, which Adoness won; the bull-riding competition, won by a male Elf, and finally the acrobatics course, which Stormaggedon took by…storm…and won in a stunning feat of skill and prowess.

After Talon’s brother allegedly threw a rotten tomato at Desmond during the climbing competition, he was arrested (though not without difficulty) by the guardsman, and escorted away. Talon, unhappy of this turn of events, left the team and replaced his brother in a different team. Kane stepped in to take over for Talon.

Prizes awarded:
Adoness: Ring of Sure-Footedness. While you wear this ring, your hands and feet seem to stick to surfaces much easier than normal. You gain +2 to all Climb checks while wearing this ring.

Stormy: Ring of Leaping. The picture of a jumping beast adorns this band of metal, and when placed on a creature’s finger, their muscles feel a bit springier, as though they could bounce up and down all day without tiring. This ring gives the wearer +2 to Acrobatics checks made to jump.

XP will be rolled in to next session’s total.


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