Rising Dawn

Session Twenty-Nine
In which the party goes into the light

Sending their best scout ahead, the party began the session crossing the newly created light bridge to the other side of the ravine. Through a crack in the rock and down a flight of stairs, the party realized that this area was inhabited, as they began listening to three people speaking.

It became quickly apparent that the three were meeting to discuss business; one man wished to sell information to the second man and woman. When they eventually agreed on payment, the first man told them what he knew: That the Vorn had sent a large contingent of their forces from Newmark Keep south towards the Everpine in an attempt to catch the Dryads and Druids unaware. Newmark would be left relatively undefended for several days before reinforcements from Tulduroc arrived.

The second man, who was identified as Geoffrey, began talking about the benefits this would bring his organization, before stopping in mid-sentence. A moment later, a stone door slid closed at the top of the stairs, and a green flame sprang up between the door and the party, trapping them and slowly attempting to shepherd them towards the room with the people.

Enna and then the rest stepped around the corner hiding themselves, and found that they were in a room carved or molded from stone, hosting a fireplace, table, and large plant. Near the table were three figures; an armored human with decorated sword drawn, a tall and cloaked man with a bow at the ready, and a fox-lady with red silky fur, holding a ball of green flame just off her hand. The man with the sword was found to be Geoffrey, a high-ranking member of the HRG, while the lady identified herself as the High Druid.

After a short talk, which resulted in very little information passing between each other, Adoness and Enna attempted to secure their leave from the place peacefully, wishing not to interfere in their plans. The three figures did not like this however, citing that the party knew too much and had become a risk to their safety, even if they meant well. The High Druid insisted upon the modification of their memories. The Cloaked man offered an alternative: Sign a magically binding contract that would allow them to leave with their memories intact. In order to take this option however, he required payment in information.

Neither option looked inviting to the party, and when the session ended Desmond and Talon had sprung into action, attempting to subdue their oppressors.

XP Awarded:

Meeting of the Minds: 100XP


Attempting to talk first, kill later: 75XP

Total: 525XP

Session Twenty-Eight
In which the party follows a....dragon?

Coming to in a field near daylight, the party finds themselves stranded away from their intended destination. Making camp for the night, Enna awoke to a noise in the sky— a dragon-like shape up in the air, circling around a nearby mountain. After the others awoke, they discussed their options— they believed they knew where they were, but Desmond wished dearly to follow after the retreating dragon. Under the premise that perhaps it would give them information on dragon burial grounds, for Desmond was absolutely certain that this was one of the rare and harmless housedragons, the group followed after the flying shape.

The dragon was chased through the afternoon, and soon landed in a sandy wasteland, called the Cracked Hills. From there, the wind and blowing sand kept the dragon on the ground, but also made it harder to be tracked. Eventually, the group lost its dragons, but found a light shining forth from a crevice in the ground. Approaching, the party picked out the noise of a growling creature, much like that of a dragon, coming from nearby. As more approached the ravine from which the light was issuing from, the growling grew louder, into a roar. Desmond was able to pinpoint the location.

Eventually, the first one brave enough to head down the steps found in the ravine was Desmond. The moment he stepped foot on the stone, the guardian dragon swooped out of the darkness and grabbed the rogue, tussling with him. Enna was the first to react, and pulled out one of the wands which was grabbed from the stores of The Collection. Fortunately for her, it was a wand of Fear, which she instantly cast upon Desmond and the Wyvern dragon. It was effective on both, sending each scurrying away into the night temporarily.

The party continued down the stone steps, not waiting for their rogue to return. At the bottom of the steps was a small ledge on the side of the ravine, which followed out and around a curve in the rock wall. It was difficult going, but Adoness scaled across, followed by Talon, who crossed with magical means, and Enna, who barely managed to shimmy her way over with Desna’s grace. A bit later, Desmond followed.

On the other side of the outcropping, the party was faced with a dark opening, flanked by two very bright torches. A small symbol was present on the wall as well, a circle which held a triangle inside of it. Adoness examined it, and found that a portion of it was worn and could be depressed. Desmond took a quick look at it, as well as a quick lick, before pressing it.

The torch light magically extended to the other side of the ravine, and created a magical light bridge for crossing, as well as revealed a doorway in the cliff wall.

XP Awarded:



Slipped past the Wyvern guarding the ravine: 600XP
Found the hidden switch: 100XP
Found creative ways around the rock wall: 50XP

Total: 1,150XP

DING! Level six!
In which the party hits level six

Congratulations on not only your first two acquisitions, but also making it to level six!

Remember, HP is rolled twice, take the best result.
Update your saves
Check your class abilities and other abilities to see if they have upgraded
Add your skillpoints
Add your favored class bonus
You get no feats this level unless granted by your class
No ability score increase either
Update your Base Attack Bonus
Check for new Class Abilities
Add new spells or extracts learned at level six

And that should be all! Have fun leveling, and remember: You’re fast approaching the time when a prestige class is available to you! Consider checking them out, in the Core Rulebook and Advanced Player’s Guide, to see if you meet any of their requirements!

Session Twenty-Seven
In which the party gets out of town

The action starts up; Enna and Desmond took a quick look around the room. After a moment, Desmond set his eyes upon a green-glowing mace locked away in a display case. He began working the lock, with Enna urging him to continue on but watching out the door all the same. She views the guard on the second floor move from the room across from them to the room next to them.

Talon and Adoness, taking a moment to ensure their fire is burning nicely, beat a path back down the wall to the ground, narrowly avoiding a guard. Remembering their mounts, they head to the stables to pick up their horses. On the way, they notice a second blaze, one they did not start, has lit up the night sky. The two stopped at Artisan’s Guild HQ for a bit to gather things from the alchemy lab before leaving, and heading towards the second fire.

Meanwhile, Desmond realized that his brilliant lockpicking attempt did not manage to open the case. Giving up, the duo prepared to exit the room and head downstairs for the horn, but had to stop when the guard began making his way towards them. They quickly instituted a plan: Enna would use her cloak to cast Color Spray, while Desmond would sneak attack the man from the side. The plan barely worked. Enna stunned the guard for a moment, but nearly did the same to Desmond. Nonetheless, Desmond struck home once, twice with the Axe of Dahak, beheading the poor being with the second swing.

Adoness and Talon arrived at the second blaze to find the Temple of Desna up in flames. While Talon spent time looking dumbfounded about how to help, Adoness began helping out. After a bit, she started looking around for a cause of the fire, and noticed a deep dark shadow where a shadow should not have been. Grabbing Talon, she began the chase after the figure who darted out of it!

Enna, spotting the guard a floor below, cast Hold Person, freezing the man in place. She and Desmond descended on her rope, before the rogue put a knife into the temple of the guard, killing him. The two then proceeded upwards into another room, spotting the Hydra scale but passing it by for a time.
Enna stumbled upon a third guard moving through the rooms of The Collection, and she promptly sent him to sleep. Desmond also took him out, ensuring an undisturbed rest of their time in The Collection. Finally, the two made it to the Unicorn Horn case, and Desmond got to work.

Adoness and Talon ran down the alley after the figure, but lost it for a moment; Talon took the time to imbibe one of his extracts, and found a scrap of fabric which showed them which way to go. There, they found the figure running full-tilt towards the end of the alley. Hot pursuit! The figure stopped at the end of the alley, a T junction, and waited for the two to catch up. When they did, Adoness and Talon flanked…Adoness reached to reveal its face, but it used some kind of magic to blacken the vision of the party, and disappeared.

Desmond unlocked the case with the horn, and quickly looted everything inside. Enna replaced the items there with the figurines of Lamashtu which she took from the camp of Orcs some days ago. The pair then moved on to the Hydra scale, and broke that free as well. Returning to the window on the second floor, Desmond proceeded to steal the glowing mace and two dozen pretty throwing stars, all while Enna attempted to get him to leave. Eventually, the two hit the street below, and moved towards the gate.
Upon reaching the gate, the pair realized that it was closed for the night, and they would not be able to leave by simply exiting. Desmond set his heart on looking for Adoness and Talon near one of the blazes, and as luck would have it picked the right one.

Adoness and Talon discussed for a time, before deciding to head back to the temple to help put out what remained of the blaze. They made it there at the same time as the rest of their party, where Enna furiously went to town with creating water, to finally extinguish the blaze.

Adoness filled in the party on the details of what she suspected, and they informed the temple Elder. The Elder was led to believe it was an agent of Lamashtu who set the fire, and thanked the party for the information.

From here, the party went back to the stables, picking up their steeds and wagon. Enna then accessed the scroll of teleportation given to her by Tim, and transported everyone to the Wellfal Trade Route….or at least, tried to. A mishap occurred, slightly damaging the party and depositing them on the ground in front of a mountain.


Greater Ring of Electricity Resistance: (28,000gp) This ring continually protects the wearer from damage from one type of energy—Electricity. Each time the wearer would normally take such damage, subtract the ring’s resistance value of twenty from the damage dealt.

Staff of Tricks: (8,800gp) This thin staff is made of stiff wood that has been wrapped in colorful bands of cloth and topped with a number of feathers, bells, and other decorative baubles. The staff allows use of the following spells:
Ghost sound (1 charge)
Mage hand (1 charge)
Prestidigitation (1 charge)
Silent image (2 charges)

Pink and green sphere-shaped Ioun Stone: (8,000) These crystalline stones always float in the air and must be within 3 feet of their owner to be of any use. When a character first acquires a stone, she must hold it and then release it, whereupon it takes up a circling orbit 1d3 feet from her head. Thereafter, a stone must be grasped or netted to separate it from its owner. The owner may voluntarily seize and stow a stone (to keep it safe while she is sleeping, for example), but she loses the benefits of the stone during that time. Ioun stones have AC 24, 10 hit points, and hardness 5. This Ioun Stone provides the owner with a +2 Enhancement Bonus to Charisma.

Wand of Fear, CL 7th: (21,000gp) An invisible cone of terror causes each living creature in the area to become panicked for seven rounds unless it succeeds on a Will save. If cornered, a panicked creature begins cowering. If the Will save succeeds, the creature is shaken for 1 round. Works as per the spell, Fear.

Caster’s Shield: (3,153gp) This +1 light wooden shield has a leather strip on the back on which a spellcaster can scribe a single spell as on a scroll. A spell so scribed requires half the normal cost in raw materials. The strip cannot accommodate spells of higher than 3rd level. The strip is reusable.

Boots of Striding and Springing: (5,500gp) These boots increase the wearer’s base land speed by 10 feet. In addition to this striding ability (considered an enhancement bonus), these boots allow the wearer to make great leaps. She can jump with a +5 competence bonus on Acrobatics checks.

Shuriken x24:
These enchanted +1 Shuriken deal base damage of 1d4. Additionally, an equal number of shuriken are enchanted with an additional 1d4 damage of a specific elemental type; six deal cold damage, six deal fire damage, six deal electricity damage, and six deal acid damage.

Boulderhead Mace: (6,812gp) The head of this + 1 heavy mace is made from a single piece of roughly spherical granite. Once per day the wielder can command the mace to release this head, which grows to the size of a Large boulder and rolls quickly in a direction the wielder specifies. The boulder rolls in a straight line up to 60 feet, trampling everything in its path for 3d8 + 5 damage (Reflex half DC 19). The boulder collapses into rubble and dust at the end of its path or if it encounters an obstacle it cannot break through or roll over, creating a 10-foot-square area of difficult terrain. A new stone mace-head grows on the weapon’s haft over the next 24 hours, and it is unusable as a weapon until the head regrows.

+1 Longsword x3 (2,300gp each)
Masterwork Light Crossbow x3 (300 each)
Potion of Barkskin (CL3)
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (CL3)

Screaming Bolt (267gp): These +2 bolts scream when fired, forcing all enemies of the wielder within 20 feet of the path of the bolt to succeed on a DC 14 Will save or become shaken. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

Tanglefoot bag x4

Masterwork Banded Mail x3 (400gp each)
Masterwork Light steel shield x3 (150gp each)
Masterwork manacles x3 (50gp each)
40 crossbow bolts

XP Awarded:

Gathered the Unicorn Horn: 1,200XP
Gathered the Hydra Scale: 1,400XP

Defeated three CR6 guards: 1,200XP


Exiting The Collection undetected: 100XP
Investigating the second fire: 75XP

Total: 4,375XP

Session Twenty-Six
In which the party makes it inside The Collection

The session started with the meeting of the party with Tim, who had, under Enna’s instruction, created for them a map of the inside of The Collection and a Teleportation scroll. He gave them a rundown of the defenses, and when the party was ready to go, gave them also a mirror that would allow communication between each other for a short time each day, if they so wished.

With their new items in tow, the group made their way back to their room in the inn. Here, they discussed their plan for the morrow. After much debate, and some dissent, it was decided that Enna and Desmond would lead the break-in attempt at The Collection, while Adoness and Talon would create a distraction.
Enna passed out masks, wished Desna’s luck upon the group, and they split at evening time.

Adoness and Talon used a combination of magic and wits to scale the walltops and make their way around the walls of Newmark. Finding the perfect spot for their distraction, the pair began preparations.

Meanwhile, Desmond employed the newly acquired Slippers of Spider-Climbing to scale the western wall of The Collection, then scrounging around with his tools before gaining entrance. Helping Enna up after him, the two had just turned to face the items before them, many and varied as they were, when Talon’s distraction lit up the night sky: Up in flames went a public outhouse, one man yelling and screaming out of the embers, calling for help.


Mirror of Communication:
This finely gilded hand mirror reflects its surroundings in a somewhat different manor…everything it shows seems to be a little off. But its true power lies in its link to its creator. By pressing a button on the bottom of the handle, the mirror turns into a likeness of its progenitor, Tim the Enchanter. The two beings can then communicate with each other as the Sending spell. This ability can be used only once per day.

Cap of Human Guise
Scabbard of Honing
Scroll of Teleportation
Slippers of Spider Climbing

XP Breakdown:


The Collection: 100XP

Creative distraction: 50XP
Formulated a plan of action: 50XP
Playing to your alignments when it came to entering The Collection: 50XP

Total: 700XP

A Talk with Tim
In which Enna has a talk with Tim

An addendum to the last session, in which I briefly met with a player to hash out some things.

Enna took a detour to meet back up with Tim for a time, using divining magics of Desna to determine her course; she found Tim to be of a somewhat Chaotic and Good nature, and was given the sign of Weal, good fortune, in telling Tim about why they were seeking entrance to The Collection.

Upon hearing Enna’s story, Tim agrees to several things to help them. Firstly, he will loan the party the Slippers of Spider-Climbing until such time as the party retrieves the Lost Treasure of Palming Lake, at which point the slippers will be theirs. Secondly, he will draw the party a map of the inside of The Collection, as best as he can recall. Thirdly, Enna asked for help with a magical means of escape, and Tim agreed to sell them a scroll of Teleportation for a reasonable rate of 950 gold pieces. The Enchanter informs Enna that it may take him a day or two before he is able to finish the scroll and map.

Meanwhile, Enna requested information about Tim’s personal life. After a few moments consideration, Tim confided in Enna that he was indeed slightly affiliated with the Hallfree Resistance Group, though not as much as he was years ago before the disaster at Ironridge.
When Enna inquired about this, he elaborated.

Back when the Vorn Empire was first formed thirteen years ago, the Elves protested the enforced rule of the Emperor. Due to the unrest that they were seen to be sowing, the Emperor proclaimed all the Elves in the realm to be rounded up and enslaved for their actions; the Elves retreated into their city of Wellfall and erected a magical barrier there to prevent the Vorn soldiers from bothering them, providing a safe haven for all those inside. Unfortunately, not all Elves made it to the city before it was closed off from the world. Those Elves, not able to join the safety of their brethren yet not content to live isolated and alone, in constant fear of being found and executed, were the ones who first formed the Hallfree Resistance Group, or HRG. They gathered men, Dwarves, Halflings, anyone who would listen to their plight, and organized them to form an organized rebellion against the Vorn. A large group of them were to meet in Ironridge two years after the Emperor took power, and meet they did. A formal organization was formed there that day, but the Empire already knew of this meeting. They sent a large portion of their army into the keep, taking the residents by surprise, and burst into the meetinghouse. The joke was on them, however, when they found none of the resistance leaders present.

What history would later learn was that the HRG planned this entire event to eradicate the main forces of the Vorn Empire. Ironridge Keep was destroyed moments after the soldiers found the lack of resistance members. An enormous magical blast tore the entire city apart, coupled with some primitive explosives. The Vorn army was wiped off the map, but Ironridge was effectively destroyed as well. Few survivors from that explosion looked upon the HRG well, and the Imperials use the tragedy of Ironridge as a recruitment point to this day, several years later.

Tim stated that though he provided much help to the HRG in its formative years, after Ironridge Keep was destroyed he stepped back, retiring to open a shop in Newmark and only occasionally having contact with members of his past.

Session Twenty-Five
In which the party meets Tim

The session started with a predicament: Several guards are searching travelers as they come through the gate of the city. looking for Elves or Sorcerers. Muddling up plans a little, Desmond summoned his Eidolon in the bushes, finishing just before the party was next in line. Staging an attack by the ‘monster,’ Desmond then staged a battle; real to the guards who attacked it, but fake when Desmond ‘battled’ it with the ‘words of power.’ Successfully fooling not only the guards, but also their mage, Desmond and Enna then diplomacized their way past the hood check, but still had to submit to a check for sorcery when Desmond informed them that his Eidolon was summoned by Sorcerers.

Managing to befuddle their magical detection, the guards and the party left on well enough terms, and everybody entered the city. Enna used the magic of Desna to detect two large auras of magic in the city. Checking a handy information kiosk, the group made their first stop at the Artisan’s Guild Headquarters. There, they explored the building a little, meeting the Alchemist Kilfan Ardbil and a few other artisans plying wares. Enna sold some of their items, and divided the profits between the four party members. She was then given the location of the Enchanter, who would be able to help them evaluate the worth of their more magical gear.

Entering the magic shop, the party met Tim the Enchanter. Here they discussed gaining access to The Collection through one way or another; Tim suggested three routes.

“If you wish to find me inspiration for one of my works, I have here some notes of a piece of artwork, stolen long ago and hidden away in a place where no one was ever supposed to find it. ‘The Lost Treasure of Palming Lake,’ they called it. Most people say it doesn’t exist, but I have my sources, and I know that the painting exists. The stories say it’s a beauty, one of the finest works ever crafted, with no equal remaining in this world. That would be a good start for inspiration, I tell you.”

“Then again, you could just skip me, and try to secure something special for Master Rissdil himself. I heard that the towers littering the Broken Plains have been turning up some strange magical beasts and their treasure hoards, of late.”

“Oh, they are but a few simple things. I need a package delivered to Tarnwood forest, without the Vorn’s knowledge. A scroll brought in to Tulduroc, past the guards and into the Temple of the Divines. And the…re-acquisition…of an item of mine which is not currently in my possession, in Dhuringham Keep.”

Before leaving the shop, Enna gets a suggestion for an inn for the night. The party retires as a whole, though some continue other tasks, such as Talon revisiting the Alchemist and Enna stopping back in to see Tim.

XP Breakdown:

Discovered the Unicorn Horn and Hydra Scale are in The Collection: 150XP


Thinking quickly to attempt to silence the magical detection at the gate: 25XP
Calming the panicked crowd: 25XP
Braiding items into hair: 25XP
Finding the Alchemy shop: 25XP

Total: 550XP

Session Twenty-Four
In which the party kills some Orcs, and an innocent

The fighting continued hot and fierce! Orcs continued to fall left and right, and spells danced through the air. The two Orcs floating in the air threw spells, until Enna cast a spell upon the firey staff to silence the pair. This gave the Priestesses pause, and allowed Adoness and Talon to mop up the final few enemies. Unfortunately, before they were silenced, Orphea and Kaelyn killed the woman sacrifice before Talon made away with her.
Desmond managed to wake up, joining in the battle towards the end. Adoness tossed her Hammer into one of the mages, throwing her back several feet.

In the end, the group managed to remove all but two of the Orc minions, the remaining two running away; the Orc Priestesses Orphea and Kaelyn gathered themselves together away from the party, threw away their silenced staff, and used a magical scroll to escape.

After curses were thrown after the retreating Orcs, the bodies were looted and burned, and the shrine to Lamashtu torn down by Enna. The body of the woman who the party attempted to save was brought with them back to the wagon where the two older bodies were, and all three dead were respectfully burned.

From here, the party continued on down the road, now with a wagon. Enna’s own horse, as well as Stormy’s old horse, were both hooked up to pull the device. Six days later, after two turns on the road, the group arrived at Newmark Keep. The session ended with a stop on the trail just in front of the gates, a security checkpoint as guards began to search travelers.

During the travel to Newmark, Enna uses the Comprehend Languages spell to read through her book, bought for a few illustrations from the half-Orc Merchant in Kelech-Mor.
Her readings reveal the book to be filled with what appears to be shipping manifests, transaction logs, and finally towards the end, something more interesting to read. The last few pages are filled with a scrawled writing, some kind of recording of thoughts, or perhaps biography. They are signed by someone called Marend.

The first few pages detail an account of Marend’s treachery against someone called ‘The Prince.’ Marend was altering the shipping records and transactions to line his own pockets, and the pockets of someone he calls his associate. Reading on further, Marend seems to have a change of heart, wishing that he did not have to lie to The Prince, and that he could come clean about the altered records, but fears for his life if he did. The penultimate page speaks of how he broached the subject with his associate, and that the thoughts were taken badly; perhaps it was not wise to breach the subject with his associate.

On the final page, Marend states that his associate was going to The Prince to frame Marend solely for treason. Marend, sorry for his actions but not wanting to get caught, writes this: “I have taken precautions for such an eventuality. I am removing the evidence of my altered logs, as well as these pages. An old book recently came through one of our suppliers; I will rip the pages out of these books, and exchange them. The cover of the dusty book will hold these pages, and the logbook which was my job to keep will be filled with these strange, ancient poems. Though it will not absolve me of all fault, it will certainly lessen the punishment which The Prince will dole out on me. May Abadar protect me, I know not what I have done.”


Magical potions and scrolls:
Oil of Keen Edge CL5th
Oil of Erase CL1st
Potion of Displacement CL5th
Scroll of Remove Curse CL5th
Scroll of Scrying CL7th
Oil of Magic Weapon x2 CL1st
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x3 CL3rd
Potion of Invisibility CL3rd
Potion of Cure Light Wounds CL1st
Potion of Lesser Restoration CL3rd
Potion of Protection from Good CL1st
Potion of Bull’s Strength CL3rd
Potion of Enlarge Person CL1st

Mundane Gear:
7 light steel shields (63gp)
2 masterwork light steel shields (318gp)
5 falchions (375gp)
7 longswords (105gp)
3 longbows (225gp)
4 light crossbows (140gp)
8 daggers (16gp)
12 studded leather armors (300gp)
Masterwork Studded Leather (175gp)
Masterwork composite Longbow, 20 arrows (400gp)
rapier (20gp)
4 javelins (4gp)
Masterwork chainmail (300gp)
Masterwork Greataxe x2 (640gp)
Masterwork sling, 10 bullets (150gp)
climber’s kit (80gp)
Masterwork breastplate (350gp)
sap (1gp)

Total Gear: 3,662gp

gold necklace (100gp)

672 GP

Total: 4,441 gp, 6 sp, 4cp

Magical Items:
Staff of the Pyromancer:
This meter and a half tall wooden staff is topped with three claw-like protrusions emanating upwards. Runes that have no apparent meaning decorate the length of the wood, and the very bottom appears slightly charred. Wielded by anyone of a non-Chaotic alignment, the staff is treated as a Masterwork Quarterstaff. The moment it is picked up by a being of Chaotic alignment, however, the claws at the top of the staff begin to glow red, and a small sphere of flame forms in the middle of the claws. As a standard action, the Chaotic wielder can use the staff to cast a cone of flame as per the spell Burning Hands twice per day. When wielded as a quarterstaff by a Chaotic being, the staff deals an additional 1d4 points of fire damage. The flame atop the staff can be used to light fires more quickly than traditional methods, and will not extinguish in water. It does not give off sufficient light to see further than five feet.

XP Breakdown:

Got the innocent woman killed in action: 100XP

Orc Minion x4: 135XP
Barbarian Orc: 150XP
Rogue Orc: 150XP
Orphea and Kaelyn: 1200XP


Destroying the shrine of Lamashtu: 25XP
Gathering teeth: 25XP
Reading the old mysterious book: 50XP

Total: 2,135XP

Session Twenty-Three
In which the party meets some Orcs

The group quickly investigated the overturned wagon, and sent Desmond to scout up ahead in the direction of the tracks, to get the lay of the land. Desmond, finding something shiny, led the group to it, and they found a locket with a picture of three inside of it; a man and woman who matched the bodies found by the wagon, and a woman, possibly wounded and being carried off by the assailants.

Swift tracking, aided by the grace of Desna, brought the group to a recently abandoned campsite. Here, there were crude bed mats of straw and grass, as well as two fine tents. Inside the tents, Enna located a few magical items; potions, oils, and scrolls.

Picking up the tracks again, Desmond lead the party after the group of creatures, and soon their destination was in site: a sandy pit, filled with chanting, clanging, green-skinned Orcs, circled around a woman tied to a stake in the middle of a pile of wood. The party quickly formulated a plan; Desmond flanked the enemy, Enna and Adoness got into position on the stop of the sandy bluff, and Talon snuck down into the pit to get close to the woman, aided by one of his extracts.

Talon got the drop on a group of the Orcs and threw a bomb into the middle of a cluster, and the fight was on!
Two of the Orcs, females in robes, proved to be a greater threat than most of the other enemies, throwing spouts of fire at Adoness, and bolstering her fellow Orcs. Desmond was hit by a magical arrow soon after the action started, sending him into a magical sleep for a time.
The fearless Alchemist managed to free the bound and gagged woman, albeit while in his more bestial form, and began running her to safety.

Two unidentified magical oils
Two unidentified magical scrolls
One unidentified magical potion
Several finely crafted wooden figurines
Broken locket with picture
Yellow ribbons

XP Awarded:

8 run-of-the-mill Orcs: 270XP
1 trained fighting Orc: 150XP


Calling on Desna’s aid for tracking: 25XP
Finding magical items in abandoned camp: 25XP
Making a sound tactical strategy before attacking: 100XP

Total: 720XP

DING! Here we go a leveling!
In which the party hits level five

Level five, people!

To review:
Check new Base Attack Bonus, and update all attacks accordingly

Update saving throws

Check for new Class Abilities

Update old class abilities that have effects based on level

Double-check and make sure your equipment is up-to-date

Add new skill points— you may have up to five ranks in any skill now!

Add your favored class bonus, if you’re taking a level in your favored class; this means one extra skill point or one extra HP

Roll for new HP— roll your hit-die twice, take the better number, and add in your Constitution modifier.

Add new spells or extracts learned at level five

Gain a new feat! Because level five is an odd-numbered level, each class gains a feat! This can be any that you qualify for.

An apology for the last two weeks of no sessions, but we’ll be back in full swing come this Monday, bar any complications. If you need help with leveling, have any questions, or just want to talk you know where to find me!


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