Rising Dawn

Session Seventy-Two

In which the party gets a ruler to kiss a ruby

Much happenings occurred while the party waited for Enna’s meeting with the Prince of Shadows. Enna and Adoness spent much of their time in the library, fully and completely understaffed, while Desmond went bar-crawling and Talon spent some time with Tim.

Enna confirmed quite a few facts about dragons, as well as found a book detailing the life of Numenix, an ancient red dragon who used to make his home in the mountains of Polidin’s Gap. Desmond found out a bit more about the mood of the people, and Tim gave Talon
some information on prime real-estate in the land.

Eventually, Enna was given her audience with the Prince of Shadows. Much wordplay ensued, and at the end Enna was granted her wish to have the man kiss her ruby, providing the party with one of the last four items they need for their quest.

In the meantime, Adoness, Talon, and Desmond waited for their Cleric friend outside Newmark castle. While there, they encountered a small pre-teen girl who appeared to be an apprentice pick-pocket. Desmond, being fully supportive of this lifestyle, covered for the girl while she made her escape from the guards with one of Adoness’ money pouches, full of 3,000 gold pieces.

Desmond, hands now unbound from an encounter with the guards, ended up on the run from the Newmark Guard, just as the girl was. A magical image of his face appeared in the sky, alerting the populace to his wanted status. The session ended with Enna and the group heading back to Tim’s, while Desmond found himself tracking eight armed armored guards which were escorting the girl back to the castle.

XP Awarded:




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