Rising Dawn

Session Seventy-One

In which the party returns to dry land

Setting sail again, the party led Arab through the waters, still under the pretense of chasing the sea serpent. After a few more days on the water, Arab approached the group again, asking for direction, as the ship only had a few days of supplies left. The party made the decision to head towards Eastport, as it was the closest to where Desna was leading them.

Upon reaching the port, the group said their goodbyes to Arab, informing him that their journey was taking them elsewhere. Desmond paid his mercenaries the 1750 gold he owed them, but also asked for his repeating crossbows back, which he promptly burned. Enna and Adoness charged their Gnoll fanatic, Redfang, with the duties of selling off their half of the trade goods that were recovered from the lighthouse, asking him to meet them back in Newmark when he was done.

Speaking of Redfang, he has know gained some skills as a cook, having spent time with Marcus on the Mermaid’s Tide.

The party used their Orb of Escape as soon as they were a fair enough distance away from Eastport, arriving to a changed Newmark just outside of Tim’s shop.
In the month since your last time spent here, much seems to have changed. The city seemed dull and muted compared to last you saw it, people much less enthusiastic about life, apparently. The Artisan Guild Hall had been closed, and the guard presence seems to have increased, with multiple patrols seen in a short time. Additionally, most shops and houses were seen to have bars on their windows and heavily locked doors, and you quickly learned from Tim that under the leadership of the Prince of Shadows, while the keep has not starved, they have been exerting more and more control over the citizens.

Enna set up a meeting with the Prince of Shadows, after retrieving her pages from one of his pages. Tim also informed the group that the blue elf they were looking for is none other than Xu Xlaar Vivan, the Silver Fox of the Forest, leader of the Hallfree Resistance Group. He also mentioned that he was a bit tied up at the moment, as word had it that the Vorn had found the secret forest hideout of the HRG in the Tarnwood after stumbling into it while searching for mystical armored beasts.

The session ended with Enna getting word of her meeting with the Prince of Shadows, and Talon finally perfecting his formula for a Stasis Bomb!


Stasis Bomb:
Once per day, Talon can create and throw with a standard action a Stasis Bomb, which works on the same principles as the Elude Time extract. The creature hit is subject to a Will saving throw, DC 15 + Talon’s Intelligence modifier. If the creature hit succeeds its Will save, it is placed in stasis for one round, before it breaks free.

XP Awarded:

29,600 XP



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